Experience the wonders of the Kimberley in comfort and luxury

Jul 02, 2023
As remote as it is captivating, the Kimberley is a unique destination best explored in luxury and comfort. Source: Getty

Australia is a vast land brimming with diverse natural wonders and hidden in the remote corners of Western Australia is the Kimberley, home to spectacular gorges, thundering waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes. 

With a history spanning an impressive 40,000 years, the Kimberley holds a significant place in Australia’s cultural heritage, yet few travellers have been lucky enough to witness it themselves.

Situated in the northwest corner of the country, and with the Indian Ocean and Timor Sea to the north and west, the allure of this stunning location comes from its remoteness, making the region as captivating as it is untouched. 

In a region that is three times the size of England, you’d be forgiven for thinking you couldn’t access everything there is to see and do in just one trip. However, at over-60s travel experts, Travel at 60, offers a selection of fantastic tours where you can experience one of the most awe-inspiring outback landscapes in absolute luxury and comfort.

Through a network of safari camps and lodges, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and immersed in luxury without losing your sense of adventure.

Here are some of the most memorable and luxurious camps, lodges and activities you can enjoy on this tour to the Kimberley.

Ngauwudu Safari Camp

Enjoy a stay in one of the unique tented cabins at the Ngauwudu Safari camp. Source: Supplied

The most luxurious permanent safari lodge in the Kimberley is the Ngauwudu camp. Built in 2011 exclusively for guests on these incredible tours, the $4 million luxury suites have private bathrooms, gourmet dining facilities, a swimming area surrounded by palm trees, and an outback setting giving you the ultimate glamping experience.

Mitchell Falls by Helicopter

This experience truly allows you to feel just how vast the outback is. Source: Supplied


One of the most spectacular natural wonders of this region is Mitchell Falls. These remarkable tours offer more than just a distant glimpse of the falls; they provide an immersive adventure where you can soak up the view from a scenic helicopter ride, giving you a real insight into the breadth of Australia’s unique and vast wilderness.

Horizontal Falls Seaplane and Jet-Boat Adventure

Take a ride on the fastest boat in the Kimberley, the Jet-Stream. Source: Supplied

Described as “one of the greatest natural wonders of the world” by naturalist and environmental campaigner Sir David Attenborough, the Horizontal Falls lie deep within Talbot Bay in the Buccaneer Archipelago. 

Receiving their name from the second-largest tides in the world that hit the narrow coastal gorges and create a horizontal waterfall effect, the Horizontal Falls sure are a sight to behold. 

You’ll start this experience with a 50-minute seaplane flight, where you’ll also fly across the Buccaneer Archipelago, Cape Leveque, Beagle Bay and Cable Beach. Then, you’ll get to see the falls up close aboard the fastest boat in the Kimberley, ‘Jet-Stream’, where your skipper will treat you to a world of knowledge and excitement.

El Questro Wilderness Park

Immerse yourself in the stunning views of El Questro Wilderness Park. Source: Getty

In the east of the Kimberley is one of the most well-renowned wilderness parks, El Questro. The park was first owned in 1903 as a cattle station but was unsuccessful due to the rocky and rugged landscape. After changing ownership several times, the property eventually came to new owners Will and Celia Burrel in 1991 when they saw potential in the grounds that had fallen on hard times. Now there are several luxury cabin and camping accommodation options for travellers to enjoy, such as the Emma Gorge Resort which offers a unique stay in tented cabins. 

National Parks

The Kimberley’s national parks offer so many rare sights. Source: Getty


The real majesty of the Kimberley lies within the region’s many National Parks. Among the numerous parks, Purnululu National Park stands out, earning its well-deserved recognition as a World Heritage site in 2004. Keep an eye out for the orange and black beehive domes that can be found in the area, as well as the awe-inspiring wonders of Piccaninny Creek, Cathedral Gorge and Echidna Chasm before making your way to Bellburn Safari Lodge.

Call the team at Travel at 60, the over-60 travel experts (for the cost of a local call anywhere within Australia) on 1300 414 198, or visit the website to secure your spot on one of these bucket-list tours of the Kimberley.

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