Powered by an espresso, in more ways than one

Jul 23, 2017

What an opportunity – the offer to test-ride this poster child in the e-bike world that, powered with its Bosch motor, will definitely wow you whatever your age or fitness levels.

Calling all City workers!

The Merida E-Spresso City 510 is a dream come true for commuting. On arriving at work, whatever distance cycled, there’s no need for a shower and refresh. Just park the Merida E-spresso near your work station then head to the coffee machine for your other espresso fix! A fortune can be saved on registration, fuel and parking and the added health benefits through exercise are a bonus.

Boomer age people

The bike is a dream to ride around your local community for daily life. Plus, when on longer rides with bike clubs, the family and friends, it’s effortless, making the days more enjoyable.

An example of ease and enjoyment was on a 25km return ride along a local rail path. Now, you’d think the road beside a rail-line would just be flat but no, there are plenty of hills needing very low gears to conquer.

This time was different! Riding the Merida E-Spresso, a lower gear combination with a flick into Sports Mode meant I literally flew past several hard-core cyclists who could only just stare open-mouthed! The bike glides effortlessly on the OFF mode (using my own pedal power) but the Eco and Tour modes have become favourites – especially when cycling into a head wind from the beach.


Campers and caravanners

When arriving at destinations we all like to hop on our cycles and explore the surroundings. With this e-bike you have the chance to extend your adventure because the effort of cycling is decreased substantially.

The added power of the Bosch motor means the bike is a dream on all surfaces. Whether you’re on bitumen, dirt or grass – the adventure in your soul is reignited when on one of the electric modes.

On the practical side, you do still need to pedal. The bike is pedal assist (pedalec) but with the flick of your left thumb the power boost kicks in from one of five electric modes. An easy twiddle of thumbs to combine electric modes with the normal gear range on the right gives the perfect speed whether on the flat or facing a hill.

The boost modes give up to 26.8 kph of power, after that you need your own pedal power to travel faster.

The five riding modes are:

  • Off – using your own pedal power – which means you are getting more exercise (great on the flat).
  • Eco – gives gentle support across long distances Tour – better for longer distances
  • Sport – powerful support for riding in cities and cross country (eg, paddocks in my case)
  • Turbo – for maximum power and a sportier ride. (Tried this mode and felt as though I was flying on a magic carpet!)

Charging the Bosch Battery

The 2kg battery needs a re-charge after 200kms. Unlike other electric bikes, the battery clicks under the pillion rack, which is great because there’s no bulky items between your knees making for a more comfortable ride.

The Bosch computer display on the handlebars clearly indicates when a charge is needed, along with information on kilmetres travelled, travel speed and mode being used. Charging is quick, and plugging into a regular 240v outlet at night is ideal and wil always ensure the battery doesn’t go flat the next day.


Transporting the bike

From a Boomer perspective, if transporting the bike, you need to check your bike rack suits the “step through” style. If not, the problem is easily overcome – the front wheel comes off easily, the battery unclicks and the bike can be loaded into the back of a SUV. There are several compatible bike racks around and with the bike weighing in at 22kg (light compared to many e-bikes) the younger generation can easily clamp to bike roof racks. Oldies will need to source a suitable rack for the back of their cars or caravans.


  • Step through frame – This means there’s never a need to throw a leg over the usual crossbar. This would definitely make city cycling life easier for the skirt wearing community!
  • The feeling of safety – The bike is so stable and easy to balance. A comparison to a regular bicycle would be like riding a motor scooter compared to a Harley motorbike!
  • Wear and tear on the body – When using the e-modes there’s no demand on knees and hips, and let’s face it, at some stage in life everyone’s need looking after!
  • Fun – The Merida E-spresso City lets you keep the fun in cycling. Relax and take in your surroundings when exploring new locations either at home or on holidays. City workers can avoid traffic chaos and stress levels and the obvious health benefits of being part of the outdoors on this pride and joy is a no-brainer.

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Have you ever ridden an e-bike?

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