Hotel room heads up: A doctors dos and don’ts for next time you check in

A dermatologist highlights the dos and don'ts for your next hotel visit. Source: Getty Images.

Travel, luxury, indulgence, comfort, adventure – depending on the context of your stay, a hotel room can bring a wide range of experiences.

But beware, says a NYC board-certified dermatologist, as there are some nasties lurking in the corners that you may want to avoid.

In a Tik Tok video, Dr Charles Puza shares his four tips on what to do and what not to do the next time you check into a hotel room and swipe that card key.

“Number 1, make sure your hotel is not on the Bed Bug Registry and always check the corners and under the bed for any signs,” he explained.

The Bed Bug Registry is a publicly accessible online database where individuals can report and view information about bed bug infestations in hotels, apartments, and other locations.

It serves as a resource for travelers and renters to research potential accommodations and make informed decisions about where to stay or live.

Another more recent portal is Bed Bug Reports.

The signs of bed bugs include reddish-brown stains on the bedding, shed exoskeletons, small reddish-brown bugs, tiny white eggs and eggshells, a must odour and dark spots on the walls and furniture.

The second thing the doctor advises to do is avoid uncovered glassware and the TV remote.

“And here’s why — that same rag that cleans the sink and the toilet is usually the rag that wipes down those surfaces,” he said.

Next on his list was the hotel complimentary bath collection which most people stockpile to take home to their children or grandchildren.

Dr. Puza explains why. “Number 3 is tempting, but don’t use these hotel products — they’re usually extremely drying and loaded with fragrance,” he said.

The doctor finally concludes that number four is not compulsory.

“Number 4 is optional, but you can always say hi to your neighbors. And that’s how you have the best vacation,” he sums up.

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Puza’s fans and followers quickly added their own two cents to the doctor’s good advice.

“Why not just spray your travel size Lysol on remote?” one asked.

“After 35 yrs with the largest airline in the world, never leave your toothbrush in the bathroom. Keep it in a case in a drawer or your suitcase.”

“I carry cleaning spray and spray down the shower floor and toilet and then antibacterial wipe all surfaces we touch including remote. You can get warts from the shower, floor, and pool,” commented another.

“If you need to use the remote, cover it with the shower cap. Works like a charm!”

For those who are squeamish, it is highly recommended that you follow Dr. Puza’s instructions. For everyone else, ignorance is bliss. Just relax and enjoy.

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