Four unforgettable ways to explore Antarctica’s unique wilderness

Jul 30, 2023
The Frozen Continent is home to some incredible wildlife. Source: Getty

With massive glaciers, towering icebergs and expansive ice shelves, it’s no wonder the unique and pristine wilderness of Antarctica has seen the continent fall onto many a bucket list. 

Due to its remote location, it’s no surprise that Antarctica is one of the least-visited places in the world. If you’re looking for a holiday destination that offers an unparalleled experience where you’re not only exposed to breathtaking scenery but are given the chance to bare witness to whales, seals, penguins and more, in their natural habitat, then Antarctica is a must. 

You may be forgiven for thinking that Antarctica is difficult to get to, but it’s easier than you think! 

We’ve highlighted four ways you can see Antarctica, each as different as they are amazing, tailored to the different types of travellers to get the most out of this bucket list holiday. 

See Antarctica from above

Fly above the Antarctic continent. Source: Kit Haselden

Get your cameras ready! This is the perfect option for those who want to get to Antarctica and back in a day, with no need for thermals, your passport or even stepping off of the plane! 

Hop aboard a specially chartered Qantas plane, the 787 Dreamliner, and fly over the Frozen Continent (approximately 12.5 hours with 3-4 hours over Antarctica), seeing the endless mountain ranges and jaw-dropping ice formations. 

Flying significantly lower than your average commercial flight, you’ll be given the opportunity to witness Antarctica’s unique scenery from the comfort of the plane with a scheduled seat rotation* ensuring you get a fantastic view with a window seat.

Take a scenic cruise of the Antarctic shoreline

Get up close without having to leave the comfort of your ship. Source: Getty

If you’re a little bit unsure about touring Antarctica on foot, then this cruise of South America and Antarctica is the ultimate holiday for you. 

On this 22-day cruise, you’ll be given the chance to see the Frozen Continent up close, all from the warm comfort of the ship as you spend several days cruising around the shorelines. 

With easy access to a range of amenities onboard, you’ll glide through the glacier-flecked waters spotting all the incredible wildlife Antarctica has to offer.

That’s on top of the stunning landscapes of Chilean Patagonia, the remote charms of the Falkland Islands, and some of South America’s finest attractions, making this trip to Antarctica a real bargain.

Explore Antarctica in-depth with a dedicated expedition cruise

Set foot on-land and explore Antarctica’s unique wilderness. Source: Chelsea Claus

Live the life of an explorer on this all-inclusive expedition cruise of Antarctica; a true bucket-list experience. 

This 12-day journey allows you to see all the highlights that this continent has to offer, from up-close and rare wildlife encounters to epic on-land experiences as you explore the Antarctic Peninsula. 

On this unique expedition cruise, you can look forward to in-depth lectures by experts on the area and stunning ice cruising aboard the state-of-the-art MS Fridtof Nansen, including crossing through the infamous Drake Passage. 

For the ultimate experience

Visit the “Galapagos of the South” for a truly incredible experience. Source: Heritage expeditions

Take the road less travelled on this 28-day, once-in-a-lifetime roundtrip from New Zealand to Antarctica. 

Where most trips to the Frozen Continent involve a long-distance flight to South America, this is just a quick trip across the Tasman to get started, and what’s even better is that not many people know this route is an option! 

This incredible 28-day cruise provides you with an unforgettable experience, going to places remote and untouched even by Antarctic standards. 

Get a glimpse of where time stands still at the perfectly preserved Shackleton’s Hut and learn first-hand about the challenges and living conditions of the explorers of the early 1900s.

Along the way to the great South, you’ll see places that look like they’re straight out of a Nat Geo magazine, such as  New Zealand’s gorgeous subantarctic islands, often described as the “Galapagos of the South”.

Ready to check Antarctica off your bucket list?

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