Top tips for efficient caravan packing

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Starts at 60 spoke to Heather Gibson, the director of lifestyle management company Finer Details, to get her expert advice for efficient caravan packing.

  • Velcro: Perfect for sticking remotes on the wall or for making sure things like curtains and shower screens are kept in place.
  • Rolling towels: Not only will rolling your towels take up less space — it’s also more secure.
  • Stackable storage and cooking gear: Having pots, pans and storage containers that are collapsable or stackable is also a big space saver. This also ensures that nothing moves around and things have their own dedicated space.
  • Wall suction storage solutions: A lifesaver to kitchen utensils, soaps, shampoos and brushes.
  • Stubby holders: When you aren’t using them to hold your ice-cold beverage, they’re great for storing glassware (and preventing breakages)
  • Drawer liners: If you’re concerned about things moving around your cupboards, this will help minimise movement.
  • Airtight and clear containers: Airtight lids will keep food fresher for longer, and transparent containers will save you from any nasty surprises.
  • Vac lock for freezer space: This will help you individually store items, ensuring you’re only taking out as much as you need without risking spoiling the other frozen goods.
  • Headlamp: A great alternative to the humble torch, allowing you to put your hands to better use.
  • Extra prescription medication: If you’re thinking about visiting outback locations, you don’t want to find yourself running out when the GP or chemist is another town over.
  • A sense of humour:  Though your new life on the road is no doubt going to be one big adventure, you’re bound to face a few hiccups every now and again. It’s important to try and see the brighter side of the situation.


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