What is ‘Wave Season’ and why it’s the best time to book a cruise

Take advantage of Wave Season to score incredible savings on your next cruise holiday. Image source: Getty

Have you heard the term ‘Wave Season’ when you’ve been looking into organising your next cruise, but you’re unsure of what it means? You’ve probably heard it’s the best time to book your next cruise but you have no clue why. 

All you know is you want to cruise across the ditch to see the breathtaking scenery New Zealand has to offer, experience the rich culture as you sail through the Pacific Islands or lose yourself in the quaint seaside villages throughout Europe. 

Then look no further as we bring you all the ‘need-to-know’ information on how to make your travel dreams come true, and save you money while you do it!

What is Wave Season?

Despite its name, Wave Season has nothing to do with the waves in the sea. Instead, Wave Season is an industry term referring to a period of time when there are incredible deals available to cruisers, similar to Boxing Day sales but with an even better perk – the sales generally last for THREE months!

One of the best parts about a cruise holiday is that you only have to unpack once! Image source: Getty

From the beginning of January to the end of March, cruise lines and travel agents offer massive savings and deals, leading to a giant “wave” of bookings.

What are the perks of booking during Wave Season?

Booking your cruise getaway during Wave Season will find you scoring substantial fare discounts and reduced deposits to secure your booking. Some cruise lines even offer a whole lot of extra onboard spending credit allowing you to choose additional on-shore excursions or extra drink packages/entertainment. 

On top of all these incredible deals, Wave Season allows for discounts on additional travellers, making it the perfect time to book that family reunion you’ve been talking about for years.

Why January to March, you ask?

It seems this time is the most popular time for cruisers, because people are quite literally looking for a holiday from their holiday. The Christmas period has come to an end, and after many hosted events, people are looking forward to being looked after. And arguably one of the best parts of cruising drawing people in, is that all you need to do is unpack once, and all your needs are met while you sit back and relax.

What are the downsides of Wave Season?

Truth is, there are none! It’s a great time for bargain hunters to snatch up good value deals.

A ship cruising around Alaska.
Explore new destinations from a different perspective. Image source: Getty

Wave Season is all about offering incredible discounts, freebies and exclusive offers on dozens of great value cruises. The only catch is cruises tend to fill up fast, so it’s best to jump in on the sale action fast to secure your preferred cabin! 

What’s available to me during the 2023 Wave Season?

There’s no shortage of savings if you book one of these luxurious floating hotels through the team at Travel at 60, the expert in travel for over-60s. From free onboard spending credit, location upgrades, specialty dinners, last-minute savings and more, you’ll save big on a massive range of cruises including international and domestic voyages.

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