Must-have nifty tools for all gardeners

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Gardening is always a good chance to escape the confines of your home, get some fresh air and a little exercise, all whilst feeling the satisfaction of nurturing your plants. Whether you’re venturing into the backyard to tidy up the garden or doing a full replant of the front yard, gardening can be a great way to spend your time. We have pulled together some of the best tools to help you make the most of your time in the garden. There is even plenty of inspiration for gifts for any garden lovers in your life and they can be delivered to your house or theirs!

Garden apron and tool set

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Sick of going back and forward to get all your tools? It’s certainly a real pain when you’re out gardening and forget where you’ve placed a certain item, it could be hiding under the clippings or maybe you even took it inside when you grabbed a glass of water. Who knows?

Instead of battling with this each time you’re tending to your garden you could place all of your tools in this gardening apron which hangs around your neck. Protect your clothes and have your tools at your fingertips. Designed to suit any gardener, this waterproof apron has multiple pockets and an adjustable neck strap, waist belt and quick release buckle. Even better, when you’ve finished, you can just hang the apron on a hook and all your tools are ready to go next time you head out into the garden.

With strong reviews, this apron is priced from just $35.50.

Soil moisture meter

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If you’re a real green thumb and have been gardening for a while, then you probably have a good idea of when your plant needs more water, or if it’s okay to go longer without a drink. But, if you’re new to gardening then a soil moisture tester can come in handy.

Make sure you’re giving your plant the right amount of water with this moisture meter.

There are many options on the market but look for one with a high-definition large screen display so you can easily read the measurements.  This one not only has a large screen, but it also has a backlight and retails from just $24.99.

It can be used for inside or outside plants and is super simple to use. Simply stick the metal aluminium alloy soil probe end into the soil and you can flick between measurements with one easy click. Made from ABS soft rubber material, this tool is anti-drop and wear resistant. While it may be small, it can do wonders to prevent the over and under watering of plants!

Garden Kneeler Seat with padding

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If the knees aren’t as good as they used to be or you spend long periods of time in the garden, then you could do with one of these nifty kneeler-chair-in-one frames in your garden shed. With a weight handling capacity of 150kgs, it’s strong, sturdy and will make gardening easier and more comfortable. Made with a sturdy steel frame and soft, thick EVA foam pad for your knees, you will be able to garden for longer. With detachable storage pouches to keep your tools within reach, you will no longer need to strain your back when gardening.

Stand up, long-handle heavy duty weed puller

Struggling to bend down or just sick of picking out the weeds in your garden with your fingers? This long-handle heavy duty weeding tool will help! It will prevent pain in the wrists and frustration from spending hours trying to weed your garden.

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Those weeds will come out with ease with this nifty tool!

Designed to be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces, with an L-shaped, grip handle, this back-saving tool retails from $169.

Gift set with purple print – Trowel, Cultivator & Pruning shear

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This 3 piece garden tool set is about as pretty as you’ll see, but really useful & easy to use. Perfect for all gardens & indoor plants, it makes a great gift for any gardener in your life. The durability of high carbon steel combined with great repel-pesticides rubberised hand grips makes this garden tool set great for a variety of garden work.

Nice and easy to clean, this unique set starts from $63 and is sure to put a smile on the flower-loving garden-lovers in your life.

A funny sign perfect as a gift for garden lovers 

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This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to spend time in their garden. This sign is constructed from 100% solid wood and is sprayed with a UV protectant. The sign measures 6 x 12 inches and is 0.75 thick.

Buy it for a friend or decorate your own yard, patio or indoor/outdoor area with this fun sign from just $36.50

Hose and reel on wheels

Every gardener has a hose, but there’s always the common problem of it knotting or winding around the wrong way when you’re trying to water the garden. But, with this fabulous hose reel, not only will the tangled hose issue be solved, but there is also no more lifting, courtesy of two heavy-duty wheels! You can pull it behind you by the handy retractable handle & large wheels.

Priced from a reasonable $115 including a 20m hose, it’s perfect for small and medium-sized gardens and can be easily operated with the fold-down handle and light weight compact design. No waiting until you can find someone (or the right drill bit!) to mount it to a wall in your backyard as you can store it wherever you like.
It comes with a high quality hose and all the fittings you will require to start watering immediately. The long winding handle makes rewinding the hose simple and easy.

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This reel and hose set will help prevent the hose from winding around itself and reduce any water spillage.

If these ideas haven’t been exactly what you are looking for, you can browse for hours through the garden store section.

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