Memorable sewing patterns from the 60s and 70s

Aug 31, 2019

Dropped waist dresses, circular skirts, shifts, and flares – were such an essential part of our youth, and we made them ourselves, with regularity!
The feeling of the fabric in your hands, the scissors as they glide through it and the gentle beat of the sewing machine, knowing that the creative outlet would give you a fantastic new outfit for a fraction of the cost. sewing your own clothes was beautiful tradition that almost completely faded away.  It was borne of necessity in an era where mass-produced fashions were nowhere near as accessible.

Today, we look back to old sewing patterns to remember the most popular fashion trends of the ’60s and ’70s. Do you remember using patterns to make a new skirt or a mod dress, or even a set of flares?

It was a time-consuming process — select your favourite design, choose the fabric, follow instructions, lay out the pattern, pin, tack, cut, see if it fit, unpick and redo — but at least you ended up with an original outfit. The iconic pattern companies, Butterick, McCall’s, Simplicity and Vogue, are still around today, but we bet your grandchildren or even your children have never heard of them!

Take a look at our favourite pieces! Have you made any of these patterns?

1. Circular skirt

Did you have a circular cutting board? What colour was your favourite circular skirt?


2. Mod shift


3. Flared dress

wrap dress

4. Mod cape

mod cape

5. Sheath dress


6. Dropped waist flared skirt

flared dress

7. Mod vests

Mod vests

8. Headscarves


9. Mod funnel neck tent

funnel neck10. Bathing suit pattern & beach coat

10. Bathing suit

bathing suit

11. Pinafore

deep v

12. Muumuu


13. Midriff blouse and hip huggers


14. Tunic and flared pants

tunics and flared pants

15. Shortie PJs


16. Wrap skirt

wrap skirt

17. Swirl skirt


Do you remember wearing some of these iconic 1960s sewing patterns? What is your favourite piece? Tell us below.

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