A trip down memory lane: Over 60s look back on the ‘good old days’

Jul 07, 2024
Source: Getty Images.

As we grow older, we often find ourselves looking back on the memories of our youth with a sense of nostalgia. For those over 60, the memories of the ‘good old days’ may feel especially vivid, as they reflect on a time before the rapid pace of technological advancement and social change that characterises the modern world.

From simpler pleasures like playing outdoors with friends, to the profound cultural shifts that marked the 1960s, many older adults have a unique perspective on the past that can offer insight and inspiration to younger generations.

Curious as to what aspects from the past were meaningful to those over 60, one Reddit user took to the online forum to ask “what’s something from the ‘good old days’ that you wish you could bring back?”

A collection of heartfelt and nostalgic responses soon followed with numerous over 60s sharing a myriad of memories that included everything from the connection people felt with each other to the joys of air travel.

One over 60 pined for the days when the internet and mobile phones didn’t dominate every facet of our day-to-day lives.

“I miss no internet, no cell phones and the ability to not be able to be contacted 24/7, 365 days a year. You’ll see me when you see me,” they wrote.

Another commenter reflected on their treasured memories of boarding a flight but conceded that there are some positives to modern-day air travel.

“I remember when flying was much more fun, when everyone could go the gates, when there actually was legroom, they didn’t oversell the flights and pilots would bring children into the cockpit,” they shared.

“I don’t miss the smoking on flights and I’m glad they have Wi-Fi and in flight entertainment now.”

Enjoying a day filled with fun alongside childhood friends was something one over 60 held near and dear.

“Unstructured and unsupervised childhood play. I had organized baseball practices and that was about it. It really was get on your bike in the morning, and maybe come back for a quick bite at lunch then disappear again until dinner,” they said.

“Exploring the woods, jumping ramps, fishing in creeks, reading under trees. Making your own fun with no grownups and no schedule.”

Another commenter shared similar sentiments, recalling the greater sense of connection that existed in the ‘good old days’.

“Meeting up after homework or on the weekends to play tennis, freeze tag, hide and seek, red light green light. I miss the games we just came up with, I miss the socialization, I miss only having three channels so that meant we had all seen the latest Happy Days episode etc,” they said.

“We were more connected back then.”

Music was one thing that held a special place in the heart of one over 60 who considered themselves lucky that they got to experience the music they did.

“The music. Everything just seemed to go completely south after the mid-1990s. I really miss the music. I see now how fortunate I was to be young and grow up in an age when it was at its best,” they shared.

While another was a little blunter in what they treasured from years gone by, stating that they “miss the days when people weren’t offended by literally everything”.


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