Five simple tips to help sell the family home

Aug 09, 2023
Preparing a family home for sale can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for making the process as seamless and practical as possible. Source: Getty

When it comes to selling a family home, it is never an easy decision. If you are downsizing, especially to move closer to facilities, family or into a low maintenance property, it can be quite overwhelming to know where to start. Below are some tips to help you prepare your home for sale. 


Decluttering your home will help you to demonstrate the size and versatility of the space in your home. Removing clutter allows prospective buyers to be able to access and see the rooms properly, as well as making the rooms appear larger. However decluttering can be an overwhelming and timely process, especially as it will involve heirlooms and sentimental items. 

Decluttering is a big job, and friends or family can be a fantastic support, or there are even a number of professionals who specialise in the decluttering process. Once you are ready to sell, you may even consider styling the property as a stylist can stage your property to give it a fresh and appealing look to buyers. 


Simple repairs, especially those that are cosmetic go a long way to the presentation of your home. Ensuring the house presents well and the yard has been maintained increases the appeal. A potential buyer will factor in the time and effort to repair items with wear and tear such as chipped tiles, stained carpets, scuffed paintwork and other signs of damage. So a property that is fresh, clean and ready to move in and enjoy will usually be the preference over a similar property that will require this work by the new owner. 

Discuss with your agent what you should repair in the home as you are preparing it for sale. They will be able to guide you through the presentation before any buyers inspect the home to ensure you increase the appeal of your home without overcapitalising. 

You may also consider undertaking a building and pest inspection before putting the property on the market. This report can highlight the areas that need fixing and allow you to address these repairs before you put the house on the market, or be able to address with potential purchasers and not be surprised if there are costly repairs found. A clean building and pest report can be a good selling point for the property. 

As the exterior of the home provides buyers with a first impression, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home and you want the kitchen to give a good impression to buyers. While it may be too expensive or unnecessary to completely renovate the entire kitchen, modernising the kitchen can help make it more appealing to buyers; even simple renovations such as painting timber cabinetry, changing the tap-ware and adding new light fittings if they are dated or discoloured. 

While you may love the wallpapers or painted walls in your home, neutral colours can create a flowing effect throughout the home, and make it easier for potential buyers to visualise how they would live in your home. Essentially presenting your home as a blank canvas to appeal to a greater cross-section of potential purchasers. 


Arranging for the home to be cleaned before it is photographed and before buyers inspect the home is also important – especially if you have pets. Messy floors, dirty surfaces and even the home smelling like pets can detract from the appeal. Making sure the home is tidy and smells nice makes a place feel more welcoming and easier for buyers to see themselves living in the property. 


Without good property photography you will not get maximum impact from your marketing budget. Having the home professionally photographed by a good property photographer is crucial in your marketing campaign to attract potential buyers. 

Remember, buyers will view the property on the internet and the photos provide the first impression of the property. So whilst it may be tempting to take photos of the property yourself, a professional real estate photographer will have an eye for the right angles and lighting and will be able to provide high quality photos that capture the best features of your home. 

Understand the market

Before your home goes up for sale your real estate agent will provide you with a list of comparable sales. This list should include the actual prices of recently settled properties in your suburb or surrounding area. This helps you to make sure that the sale price you would like is aligned with the range of the surrounding area. You can also discuss with your agent about any extra factors that would make an offer more appealing such as a fast settlement if you need the funds quickly. 

Preparing a family home for sale can be overwhelming. A professional real estate agent does more than just sell. We can assist you with the process of getting the home prepared for sale, and walk you through strategies to reach and appeal to potential purchasers. If needed, we can even recommend professional stylists, cleaners and repair people who can help get your home ready for sale and minimise the stress involved in selling your family home.

This article was originally published on May 7, 2022. 
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