Why is it when…?

Oct 15, 2023
Our Starts at 60 blogger takes a tongue in cheek look at life's little mishaps. Source: Getty Images.

No, I’m not a whinger, just having a tongue-in-cheek moan about some of the things that happen in my world. Perhaps they happen in your world too. Why not add to the list?

Why is it that whenever I wear a white shirt I spill something down the front, usually when I’m out and there is no way I can wash it off – and it is probably pasta sauce or red wine?

Why is it that the day I have my hair done, wear makeup, and am dressed up I go out and see nobody, but the day I slink off to the shops with no makeup, flat and lacklustre hair, and comfy clothes I see everyone I know (and they are all dressed up looking immaculate)?

Why, when I have a lovely clean house do I have nobody popping by, but when it’s a mess there are back-to-back visitors?

Why is it that I often seem to get in the slow lane with trucks taking off in front of me at the lights? No matter how many times I change lanes I keep getting the same one.

Why do four-wheeled drives driven by men always pass me on the highway when I am going the speed limit – is it because I am a woman in a small car? Probably.

Why is it that all of the big bills seem to come at once and why do I always get a pang of dread when a letter arrives with a window in the envelope?

Why is it that the car service bill, dental work, and specialists charge like wounded bulls?

Why is it that when I look in a sale rack for shoes or a dress, my size is usually gone and there are only ugly slim pickings left?

Why is it that the tall person with the bouffant hairstyle sits in front of me at the cinema? And, when at the cinema, why do the sniffing, sighing, chatting cellophane rustling crunching munchers always sit near me?

Why is it that I can’t get my poached eggs how I want them in a cafe? Not super runny and not bouncy rubber hard. Just somewhere in the middle. It’s not rocket science.

Why is it that the cake that looks so good in the cafe cake cabinet is a sore disappointment and tastes of the fridge and is possibly weeks old?

Why is it that the cacophony of barking dogs that I am surrounded with in my suburb all have owners who are either deaf or indifferent?

Why does my fringe grow faster than the rest of my haircut? Why is it that even if I make the first appointment of the day at the doctor he is still running late?

Why is it that stainless steel appliances still look smeary after cleaning? Aren’t they meant to be stainless?

Why is it that I need a jackhammer to open a parcel or packet that is more tightly sealed than Fort Knox?

I hope I have made you smile as you read my list. Please add to it to make us smile.

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