There were not many cafes around when I was young, however, now every suburb, town, and city has so many to choose from. Source: Getty Images.
Our beds need to be cosy and comfortable, cool in summer and warm in winter. Source: Getty
Great memories of simpler times. Source: Getty
Spending more time at home since I have retired has been challenging, but I’ve endeavoured to make it cosy and inviting. Source: Getty
Embracing friendships and ageless adventures with my besties
But the kids never really seem that sick, or is it just me? Source: Getty
Source: Getty
Source: Getty
Source: Getty

About Karen Jones

Happily retired grandma who enjoys writing, reading, friends and family. I love the beach, animals, walks and just hanging out around nature. I enjoy good coffee, value my friendships, and am pro active about maintaining good health. Most of all I treasure my relationship with God.