Who knew that OnlyFans isn’t a shop selling ceiling fans?

Jan 27, 2022
Several articles in the local paper have promoted the income potential of this OnlyFans thing which got me thinking- Why is my local paper pushing the benefits of ceiling fans over air conditioners? Source: Getty

Modern society expects a lot from the Over 60s. We’re expected to be computer savvy and our mainstream news media assumes we’re also familiar with current fads including Influencers and the murky world of OnlyFans.

Several articles in the local paper have promoted the income potential of this OnlyFans thing which got me thinking- Why is my local paper pushing the benefits of ceiling fans over air conditioners?

A closer study revealed the media was excitedly claiming that young ladies were making up to $30,000 a month from their OnlyFans work.

Really? I never thought cooling systems would be so profitable but being an inquisitive soul and thanks to my Internet search engine I’ve been able to learn more about this unusual career option which seems to appeal to young women doing things for money that Nana and Grandad would never approve of and most certainly would never pay to see. 

To save you the possible embarrassment of knowing more than you would ever want to know about this shady world, I valiantly explored via a search engine the facts behind the name OnlyFans. Spoiler alert – For the Over 60s, suffice it to say it’s all about sex. 

When I mentioned to my wife that I was researching this mysterious online world her immediate response was “Don’t buy anything!”. This was a bit rich coming from a woman who went shopping once and came home with a Siamese cat.

OnlyFans is an internet subscription service whose members create their own content and sell images and videos of themselves directly to paying subscribers. Sort of like Foxtel, but with lots of boobs and bums and even naughtier bits.

The site launched in 2016, but now has two million “content creators” and at least 130 million paying users worldwide. What began as a platform for performers to provide entertainment clips for a monthly subscription sort of evolved into the porno site it is today. 

A number of young women now claim, with media encouragement, that they are empowering themselves and making serious dollars by performing exclusively for paying customers. 

While this generation sees nothing wrong with their business approach, those of us whose own youth was back in the 1950s and 60s can only shake our greying heads in disbelief. OnlyFans is certainly not Man or Adam magazine, staples of male lust in the 50s. Imagine Playboy on a blend of steroids, alcohol and crystal meth on a really wild night out. 

Personally, it’s a bit amazing that young ladies who rightly object to being regarded as sex objects by sleazy men, then create explicit video clips in which they do things that boggle the mind, in return for money from the aforementioned sleazy men. 

The moral perhaps is while the young ladies may regard the men as sleazes, their wallets are fair game to empower the young ladies bank accounts?

Elements of the mainstream news media have been promoting the astonishing incomes the OnlyFans women insist they are earning, a message not lost on other impressionable girls who see dollar signs to perform sexual acts for paying viewers while the media coyly insists these young women are really empowering themselves.

As an Over 60s bloke, I’m a bit confused by the media’s morals, especially as they claim young women are making $30,000 a month from this thing while a marketing report elsewhere reckoned most were lucky to earn $180 a month. You could make more by flipping burgers, and keep your pants on.

On the one hand, the media is shrieking about how young women were exploited for sex by Geoffrey Epstein and others, while the same media, extolling the money to be made from OnlyFans, is effectively grooming impressionable young women to exploit the sexual cravings of men on a subscription pornography site.

If that wasn’t enough we also have to deal with that social media phenomenon known as The Influencer.

Influencers are generally young women who have social media accounts followed by other young women and they score free stuff off manufacturers in return for spruiking it on their account to their followers. Cosmetics, jewellery, fashion. Free stuff.

I wonder if there are over 60s influencers? What sort of free stuff could Over 60s promote? Incontinence underwear? New dentures? Mobility walkers? Replacement hips? The possibilities are endless. 

Maybe I could combine these trends, get some ceiling fans and promote them on an OnlyFans page and offer a bonus Siamese cat to the first to sign up to the premium Furry Fans package?

Have you heard of OnlyFans before?

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