The must see small screen offerings you can enjoy this June

Jun 09, 2024
As the temperature drops and days get shorter it’s a good time to spend some cozy days with some good screen viewing. Here are a few to enjoy. Source: Getty Images.

What’s better on a cold winter afternoon or evening than snuggling up on the couch with a warm drink and great viewing? Here are some tips.

Next Goal Wins

Director and co-writer Taika Waititi shares the story of the American Samoa football team remembered for a 31-0 loss to Australia in a World Cup qualifier in 2001. The appointment of their new coach sees them seek to score just one goal in international competition. With the quirky and unique style, Waititi has become known for (What We Do in the Shadows, Jo Jo Rabbit) and they have a lovely cameo appearance that top and tail the movie. Next Goal Wins respectfully captures many elements of American Samoa culture, the inclusive attitude towards non-binary gender groups, “imagine a world without flowers”, and the importance of religion, while it inspires and entertains.

Great performances all round with Michael Fassbender, Kaimana, Oscar Knightley and Elisabeth Moss. Lots of great comedy lines too, “the landlord is available to you 7/24. You mean 24/7? No. 7 days out of every 24 days”. It’s an easy watch with some issues around loss and what happiness is. I enjoyed it so much that I watched it twice on Disney.

Baby Reindeer

This show needs some trigger warnings and is very challenging viewing. It has been a huge hit for Netflix. The seven episode series follows creator and star Richard Gadd and bizarre relationship with his female stalker, Martha. Based on his real-life experiences it was first performed at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe as a one man play. The series has real impact and isn’t for the faint hearted as it includes non-consensual sex scenes, drug abuse and is a very disturbing depiction of two very broken individuals. The first couple of episodes lull you into a feeling of safety before the darkness takes over. The vulnerability and honesty in the story are amazing but don’t be fooled there is nothing comedic about this show. Traumatic, truthful and will stay with you longer after the final credits. Baby Reindeer left me with more questions than answers.

Girls on the Bus

My new favourite series I found myself impatiently waiting for the next episode to drop each week to find out what was happening with my new besties. Sadie, Grace, Kimberlyn and Lola are journalists covering a presidential campaign reporting on flawed candidates and a scandal which has ramifications for the election and democracy. Along the way, riding the bus that follows the campaign around the US, the women find friendship. Think West Wing meets Sex in the City. It’s based on the book Chasing Hilary by Amy Chozick who co-created the show. Starring Melissa Benoist as Sadie, Carla Gugino as Grace, Christina Elmore as Kimberlyn and Natasha Behnam as Lola I am enjoying the performances and growing relationship between the group. The ghost of Hunter S Thompson, played by PJ Sosko, who periodically pops up to provide Sadie with advice is a fabulous addition.

After the Party

Robyn Malcolm plays Penny, a school teacher who accuses her husband Phil of a sex crime against their daughter’s friend. Five years later he returns and begins to reintegrate into the community and their family. Penny is a strong woman but the unravelling story pits her against many. The opening scene has Penny pragmatically explaining to her class of teenage boys the dangers of pornography and sets up her character beautifully. Malcolm is a talented actor and is wonderful in this role. Directed by Peter Salmon After the Party is a New Zealand production showing on ABC iView. Season 1 is 6 episodes and well worth a look either in small bites or a binge.

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