Plus one anyone?

Dec 23, 2023
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Hello, silver seniors. We can all reminisce about our life’s long track. We’re no kids anymore, critics can all get off our backs! Some days the media and acquaintances can try to flood any of us with negative interactions. Who even cares why they carry on?

Really, this is our zone now. We all came from tough stock, and most of us are staying alive and kicking! As some might say, “Great Caesar’s Ghost! The boomers ain’t dead yet!” We all know some friends in our circle who departed along this mortal coil along the path. We all wish cancer would disappear today, in some way. Those of us left behind are still here, and keep marching on, day by day.

Our ageing zone should involve being optimistic. I have a pen pal in the USA. A recent widow at the age of 75, she has joined an online dating website. She believes she shall meet another true turtledove, for that big R relationship, the holy nuptials, the wedding veil, the works. Well, why not?

Unfortunately, so far, she has attracted two male bloopers, who are only after ONE THING! Marriage is the last thing on their masculine agenda. Some men like wealthy widows. So she has had to block them from her phone and Facebook. I think my pen friend is very brave, wanting to gain another Plus One. Lovely lady, still yearning for an octogenarian wedding. Any silver senior in our boomer zone might aim for a Plus One. I must say, I have only been married once, duly wed in the church. That was last century. The best thing I ever did was to divorce him and his family. There is no turning back. I should have had a black belt in karate, as well as a greater tolerance of a male blooper.

Personally, I cannot be bothered to unpack all that survivor baggage with an older man, not at this stage, and probably never. I do not seek a Plus One, but there is no need to catastrophise about non-issues, or waste my neurons. Good luck to those who do wish to meet a senior Plus One. If boomers do, they can enact a plan. PDCA!

This is the basic. Step One: PLAN how you can meet and interact with a new flame. Step Two: DO proceed carefully, avoiding online scammers and predators. Step Three: CHECK your progress, and vary your approach. Women have to frock up and be good listeners. Males on the prowl need to groom up and be interested in a woman, and see if sparks fly. Step Four: ACT on invitations, keep that romance alive, enjoy dating again.

Accentuate all your positives, smile and keep the peace. Unless you get mixed up with someone who is going to give you more baggage. Some gal pals my age are still hitched up to their loved ones, bless their hearts. Such women seem to have learnt some mysterious genetic boomer babe gift. It is called man training, from a very young age.

These chicks have men’s guts for garters. Strong women are my heroes, so empowered. There is still a bright side to everything. If males are single, their ex-wives do not even care if they never found anyone else, better or worse. We do acknowledge our boomer wishes, struggles, strengths, and desires. Chicks and chaps at our age can be made for love, still alive and kicking. As we reminisce, it is up to any boomer to march forward with a smile, maintaining optimism. Planning to meet someone might be effective. Plus One, anyone?

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