Let’s play the generational Blame Game

Jun 23, 2022
Boomers get the blame. Source: Getty

If there’s one thing the Over 60s generation has learned from being part of today’s world, it’s that all the global problems and catastrophes are apparently our fault.

It’s become fashionable among some of the younger crowd to connect those of us labelled as the Baby Boomers as being the cause of all of the things going wrong around the planet right now.

So now that winter has set in, it’s time to enjoy some fun activities around a roaring log fire to while away these chilly nights. With so many crises in the world, everyone is looking to point the finger at someone else as the cause of their woes. So let’s play ‘The Blame Game’.

The object of the game is quite simple – blame the Baby Boomer generation, also known as retirees (hiss! Boo!), for what’s wrong in Australia and the wider world today. So what are the rules? Well, there are none, and that’s also the fault of old people. The children of the 1960s rebelled against rules, so now, there are none that they can cop the blame for the social disarray.

Too much rain? Blame Nana and Grandad. Old people attract rain clouds, it’s a scientific fact. Every time it rains, old people complain that the weather was much better when they were young. So, they have obviously disrupted the global weather patterns to give us the coldest, most miserable winter possible. Oh, and hiked up power prices too, might as well blame the Oldies for that one as well!

If you follow the mainstream news media, it would seem our housing crisis, particularly the fact that few young folks can actually afford to buy a house now, is also down to Baby Boomers for bragging about how much the homes we purchased decades ago (at interest rates that would make your eyes water), are worth today.

As you can see the Blame Game has so many levels, like an old-time Snakes and Ladders mixed with a first-person shooter computer game. Bonus levels if you can think of new crises to blame on old people!

So what else can we blame the Over 60s for? Millennials like lists so let’s compile a Blame Game List of Things That Are The Fault Of Old People.

Sex… Actually, this was invented by our parents so you can’t pin that one on us.

Television – yes, without our generation today’s young folk would have to rely on the amazing repertoire offered by 1950s valve radio, where Dr Paul and Life With Dexter would be the highlights of the week. We created colour television so Millennials could savour such 21st Century cultural achievements as Married At First Sight.

Pop music – yes, oldies are guilty of encouraging this, all the way back to Rock Around the Clock up to the Beatles. But we did not invent rap music or Ed Sheeran – the younger generation can wear that blame.

Space travel – yes, the glorious 1960s culminating in landing humans on the moon. Totally the fault of the Baby Boomer generation. But we are not guilty of staging it all in a disused hangar in the Mojave Desert – that’s a conspiracy theory owned by people who also insist the Earth is flat and movie superheroes are based on real people with superhero powers.

Global warming – Mmmm. The oldies are not totally guilty but not innocent either. If it helps, the Over 60s blame our parents’ generation for every problem we inherited.

The Blame Game has been played for thousands of years and the one thing that Baby Boomers are delighted to share is the knowledge that today’s Millennials will one day discover their kids blaming and insulting them for all the woes facing their world in the future.

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