‘Here’s how we should have handled the pandemic in Australia’

Nov 09, 2020
Brain tackles the problems of the pandemic head on. Source: Getty

Through the illuminating lens of hindsight, it would appear that the pandemic was handled all wrong. We all know that fear and emotion can make many surrender their rights to the
the ambitious and the media.

Proven facts are that, at the time of writing, Covid-19 has killed 20 Australians aged under 60, 192 people aged 60-79 and 690 aged 80 and over.

Think back to those who made decisions affecting our businesses, income, wealth and investments. They were in protected jobs that meant they were unlikely to lose their income and livelihood. The attitude was, I’m alright, Jack. Pull up the ladder.

I believe it is important to the health of our community that debate and dissent are given plenty of opportunity to challenge standards. It is the only way to guard against mediocrity.

Could we now have, gleaned from our experience of this current pandemic, a set of standard operational procedures for any future similar situation?

As the politicians and chief medical officers would claim to be leaders in their profession, then it follows that all leaders should at all times set an example.

If we were to live through another pandemic, all leaders should reduce their income to that of the unemployed to learn the harsh reality of living at that level, until the crisis is over. Stop playing fast and loose with taxpayers’ money.

Rather, provide all the masks and hand sanitiser necessary. Provide the extra nursing care for the vulnerable. Insist that all persons over the age of 65 be confined to their homes, whilst providing able bodies to do their shopping and walk their pets. (They prefer slumber to splendour anyway.)

Do not close any borders except the coastal borders. Warn all Australians living and holidaying overseas that they have only a very short time to depart if they wish to get home. Do not close businesses, schools and outdoor activities. Provide train tickets to all those on the dole to get to the regional areas where crop pickers are deficient.

Name and shame all dissenters who fail to isolate. These clowns need instructions to use Velcro. Anything better would be beyond their learning curve. Fines will not be paid, but garnishee their income to boost taxpayers coffers.

The choices we make define us. There are no limits if you don’t let hurdles become obstacles.

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