Who wore it best? King Charles’ ‘rex-cellent’ tie attracts the attention of London’s Natural History Museum

King Charles optimistic tie gained loads of attention with one commentator, the Natural History Museum, getting in on the action. Source: Getty Images.

King Charles was every inch the dapper monarch when he stepped out for his first public engagement since being diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

With Queen Camilla by his side, the noticeably jovial king donned a jaunty pin-stripe suit complete with pocket square and a tasteful but fun pink and blue dino tie for his visit to the Macmillan Cancer Centre at the University College Hospital London.

The optimistic tie gained loads of attention with one commentator, the Natural History Museum, weighing in on his cheerful appearance with a refreshingly playful spin.

Taking to their X page, the team at the Natural History Museum posted a modified image of a T-rex sporting a tie with the face of his royal highness with the caption, “who wore it best?”

There was even a poll to decide who’s the King of Fashion. T.rex or C.Rex? With C-Rex (meaning Charles) taking 68.3% of the vote.

Fans and followers were absolutely delighted with the joke and quickly voiced their appreciation.

“Both excellent! But C-Rex is the best!” one wrote.

“Both looks fantastic, but I go for King C. Rex.”

“Both look great! But King C. Rex wore it the best!” commented another.

“That’s the best!!!!”

“They both rule.”

Taking it a step further, the post was then shared on the Royal Family’s X page with the caption, “Rex-cellent choice!”

The King’s fans loved the joke with some of them even getting in on the action.

“Hmmmmm between the T-Rex and His Majesty King Charles wearing ties and who wore it better…I would say its a TIE. See what I did there? lol,” one fan wrote.

“I love the clever play on words! Good form! Rex wearing a T-Rex tie and T-Rex wearing a Rex tie.”

Others commended him on his “impeccable choice of tie”.

“Dear King Charles, I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits,” they began.

“As a loyal subject, I couldn’t help but notice the recent buzz surrounding your impeccable fashion sense during your royal duties. I must commend you on your choice of neckwear—the T Rex tie.”

The banter surrounding the King’s tie together with his cheerful demeanour while out doing his thing is a clear indicator that the Monarch is overjoyed to be back in the saddle, serving his country and his people.


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