Veteran MP Bob Katter offers up royal-free vision for Australia’s currency

Katter has boldly called for the King's effigy to be scrapped entirely and replaced with either an indigenous warrior or an army veteran. Source: Getty Images.

Australia’s coins will soon be adorned with the face of King Charles III but veteran MP Bob Katter has voiced his strong opinion on the matter, going so far as to offer up some local alternatives.

King Charles’ regal face will, by the end of 2023, appear on Australia’s decimal currency, making his Royal Highness the second Monarch ever to appear on the land down under’s coins.

Sticking with royal tradition, the updated coins of King Charles will keep the portrait facing left, as each new Monarch is required to face the opposite direction from their predecessor.

Katter, one of Australia’s longest-standing MPs, has boldly called for the King’s effigy to be scrapped entirely and proposed the introduction of a representation that reflects local identity.

“What Australian would even want a foreigner on their money?” Katter asked earlier this week.

“So surely you’d put Kokoda hero Ralph Honner on your coin, not some British monarch, demonstrating that you don’t believe that all people are born free and equal and that you don’t believe you’re a separate country, that you’re a nationalistic Australian.

“Or Kalkadoon warrior-leader Tubba Tre, holding a woomera and spear.”

Katter even displayed mockups of what he thought the coins should look like.

Many social media followers agreed with the maverick MP who is no stranger to making inflammatory statements.

“I never thought I’d agree with anything Bob Katter ever said, but he hit the nail right on the head. NO MORE MONARCHY. WELL DONE, BOB!!” one person wrote.

“Never thought I would agree with Bob, moment for a whole lot of Aussies.”

“For once I agree with Bob Katter.”

“I’m on board with this,” commented another.

While others lamented that they had better things to worry about.

“We have many far bigger problems to fix than this waste of time, get a job Bob,” one claimed.

“We pay these people hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. We have to ask for more in return than just loudly discussing trivialities.”

Although most agreed with Katter others offered their own suggestions as to who should have the honour of appearing on Aussie coins.

“Or James Captain Cook? Anthony Van Diemen? Joseph Banks?” one suggested.

Katter has proposed in the past that featuring a depiction of him wrestling a crocodile would be more favourable compared to the current portrayal of the Monarch. He has also asserted that it is high time for Australia to forge ahead and discontinue its allegiance to the Monarchy.

Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh recently told ABC Radio that Australians could expect to see the coins bearing King Charles’ image to begin circulating by the end of 2023.

Coins bearing the late Queen Elizabeth’s effigy will remain legal tender.

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