‘Un-Australian’ approach to spreading Vegemite on toast sparks online showdown

Jan 02, 2024
People from near and far had their say on the Vegemite spreading method, some cheering for the unique technique while others dubbed it outright 'unAustralian'. Source: Getty Images.

A seemingly innocent piece of toast has unwittingly become the catalyst for a passionate nationwide debate, courtesy of one woman’s unique approach to spreading Vegemite.

The now-viral image, shared by the woman’s husband,  featured a slice of bread adorned with uneven lumps of butter and Vegemite, setting the stage for a spirited discussion over the correct way to perfect the iconic Aussie breakfast.

“Whether you like Vegemite or not, surely this is an abomination?” the husband captioned the post.

Source: Reddit.

People from near and far had their say on the Vegemite spreading method, some cheering for the unique technique while others dubbed it outright ‘unAustralian’.

“I don’t see the problem. Some parts are salty savoury paradise and then you chase it with buttery goodness,” one person kindly said.

“So we’re assuming she just dipped her hand in the jar and wiped it on the bread right? Otherwise I just don’t see how this is physically possible,” suggested another.

“This does not spark joy,” one plainly stated.

“That’s just plain unaustralian,” another exclaimed.

“If she’s happy with it that way, that’s fine. And you should be happy that she’s happy,” one person said.

“This can’t be real, it genuinely hurts to look at this,” one user shared.

“This is how I do it too. The variance of texture and taste of butter is what makes it good,” another chimed in.

It’s not the first time Vegemite lovers sparked an argument online over the appropriate amount to spread on toast.

Another Reddit user recently shared a photo of six slices of bread slathered with different Vegemite amounts. The slices vary from one, which is smeared thinly, to six, which has been slathered on very thickly.

Source: Reddit.

It didn’t take long before the image ignited debate among like-minded Vegemite enthusiasts. There were many supporters of large amounts of the spread, with users saying “I’ll just take the jar and a spoon” or “Who puts it on bread? Cut out the middle man”.

However, the fifth version proved to be the most popular, with one user writing: “5 or 6 are the only acceptable answers. Everyone who chooses something else is wrong and should feel bad.”

While another joked that any Aussie who answered lower than five should have their citizenship revoked, commenting: “If you answer anything lower than a 5, you should have your citizenship revoked and shipped out of here immediately.” And a third wrote: “I’d go as far as to say 1 to 3 is dead set un-Strayan..”

Others pointed out that the toast needed butter, with users going as far as to say “Not buttering to the edges is sacrilege. Also, don’t trust anyone who prefers anything before number two”. Another added: “Wouldn’t eat any of these, where’s the butter?”

Meanwhile, others said the perfect Vegemite toast required melted cheese or smashed avocado. “Easily go for five with some butter and melted cheese on top,” one commentator wrote. Another added: “Six. Plus butter, melted. Optionally with avocado if you can afford one.”

As the discussion rages on, one thing is certain – the love for Vegemite runs deep in Australia, and the quest for the ultimate Vegemite toast continues to unite and divide enthusiasts across the nation.

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