TV Host Larry Emdur shocks fans with strange kitchen practice

Jan 24, 2022
TV Host Larry Emdur shocks fans with strange kitchen practice. Source: GettyImages

Larry Emdur has taken to social media on Sunday, January 23 to share a video with his followers of his unorthodox dish-stacking method.

The popular Morning Show co-host left fans perplexed with his method of dish-stacking, his dishes stacked on top of each other in all manner of ways on the drying rack.

Larry captioned the video, “Sylvie hates it when I do this, she says it causes her large amounts of stress…I think it’s a clever and practical use of space. What do you think?,” he wrote, referring to his wife.

Fans were quick to respond to the strange method of dish-stacking, some completely baffled and ‘stressed’ by the technique, and others in all-out agreement.

Even Sunrise Host, Natalie Barr, had something to say about the video, commenting, “She is right. You are wrong”, in agreement with Emdur’s wife.

Nine presenter, Belinda Russel, also backed the women, commenting, “I am confused. Isn’t that what dishwashers are for?”

In Emdur’s defense, popular Australian Television presenter, Grant Denyer, wrote, “You deserve a Nobel Peace Prize”.

Manu Feildel also came to his defense, writing, “I get it mate, I’m on your side with this one”.

Another fan pointed out the perceived practicality of Emdur’s dish-stacking method, commenting, “Prac.Ti.CAL. Why have one layer, when you could have SEVERAL LAYERS all working SIMULTANEOUSLY?”

Emdur is also the host of the Australian television show, The Chase, and remains a popular personality and entertainer on Australian TV.

Between 1993-1998, Emdur was the host of Nine Network TV show, The Price Is Right, and has since hosted various other Australian TV shows.

He has been co-host of The Morning Show since its inception in 2007, and remains a popular personality amongst Australian audiences.

Whether his dish-stacking method is considered ‘the right way’, or ‘the wrong way’, what is clear is that fans have a lot to say about it, and we are left to wonder what other strange practices Emdur has been keeping from us.

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