Toddler’s throwback hairstyle wins hearts as she channels beloved 80s sitcom

A toddler's blown out hair do channelling the Golden Girls has gone viral. Source: Getty Images.

It’s that familiar intro “thank you for being a friend” that gets us thinking about the good old days!

And now we can revisit them with a viral video series of a cute toddler sporting a fluffed-out 80s hairdo and channelling the beloved 80s sitcom, The Golden Girls.

The Tik Tok video of 20-month-old Evelyn Mae Matthias sporting big hair and an 80s-style tracksuit has gone viral as she is pictured going about her day to the Golden Girls soundtrack.

The video is part of a series and features sweet little Evelyn Mae watching TV on her couch, gazing out the window, driving her toy car and even complaining about food prices at the supermarket.

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Fans and followers were quick to react to the series, commenting on the little one’s hair and her antics which are reminiscent of Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia.

“It’s Saturday, so Evelyn Mae obviously got her shampoo & set before church tomorrow,” one wrote.

“Tell Ms. Evelyn we missed seeing her for rummy night at the Lions Club.”

“She’s so freaking cute.”

“The amount of joy this series brings me is indescribable,” commented another.

“Not a hair outa place.”

“Grew up watching the Golden Girls and everything about her reminds me of Betty White. Can watch her sweet cute face all day!”

“Everything about this is so wholesome, comments included, and Ms. Evelyn’s bouffant just keeps getting better and better.”

The video’s success surprised Evelyn Mae’s mother, 28-year-old hair stylist Autumn Mathias, who told People Magazine, “We were just having fun blowing out Evie’s hair and then boom, we get millions of views.”

“It just came out of nowhere — I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, it’s so crazy,” she added.

Evelyn’s grandmother Trina King is also a hairstylist. Between the two of them, they can’t help but do Evelyn Mae’s hair.

“We cannot help ourselves but to do her hair,” she said.

“She was born with quite a bit of it.”

Videos such as these take us back in time, giving us a sense of nostalgia for the “good old days”. They help us to reflect on a time when things seemed slower, simpler, and less technologically driven.

Curious as to what aspects from the past were meaningful to those over 60, one Reddit recently user took to the online forum to ask “what’s something from the ‘good old days’ that you wish you could bring back?”

The response was a collection of heartfelt and nostalgic responses that included everything from the connection people felt for each other to the joys of air travel.

While it’s important to recognise the past may have its charms, the present and future hold just as much potential for joy and fulfilment. By embracing the present while cherishing the past, it’s possible to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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