‘They actually crack nuts!’: Younger generation amazed to find popular Christmas decoration has a purpose

Dec 14, 2022
Who knew nutcrackers could crack nuts! Source: Getty

The younger generation has been left amazed that nutcrackers, a common Christmas decoration,  actually have a function.

Nutcrackers ranging in all sizes and styles have been a major part of the Christmas theme for centuries.


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However, while the younger generation is amazed the figurines “actually crack nuts”, the realisation is shocking considering the name of the decoration.

Others were astounded by how easily the nutcracker’s use went right over the younger generation’s heads.

“This is a perfect demonstration of the absolute lack of teaching/developing/nurturing critical thinking and stifling the curiosity of children in our public schools,” William Simmons said on Facebook.

“I honestly didn’t believe what I was reading. I mean, what did people think they were supposed to be used for???? It really beggars belief,” Sarah Selina said.

“How could you not know? What do they think Nutcrackers are for ? The name says it all!,” Maria Ann said.

However, some were sympathetic to the realisation, given the lack of use for the decorative figurines.

“To be fair, what nuts do they see? They’re usually shelled for them,” Janine Nosworthy said.

“But if they only see nuts already shelled how would they know? Just a generation thing. Plenty of old tools that I don,t know what they were used for. Similar thing that youngsters can,t tell the time on a 12 hour clock. Changes of time,” Patricia Hughes said.

The first nutcracker resembling a soldier was created in the 19th century and German woodworker Wilhelm Füchtner commercialised the figurine in 1872, inspired by Heinrich Hoffmann’s story “King Nutcracker and Poor Reinhold”.

In 1892, the nutcracker inspired Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker ballet, and its link to Christmas Eve is thought to have influenced the decorative tool’s function in Christmas today.


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