The ‘simple question’ that could lead to significant savings on your next major purchase

Apr 18, 2023
Shoppers have been offered a valuable tip that could save them money on their next shopping spree. Source: Getty Images.

A retail worker has disclosed a valuable tip that could potentially save you a significant amount of money on your next major shopping spree.

The Good Guys employee recently took to a well-known Facebook group, Market Addicts Australia, to share the “simple question” that they believe every customer should ask while making their payment at the counter.

“I work for The Good Guys and with a single question at the counter you could potentially get major savings. Always ask ‘is that the best price?’” they explained.

“Most often it might just be a few dollars reduction but I just had a customer ask and his air fryer got reduced my $90 because we priced matched Harvey Norman.

“All with a simple question.”

The advice was well-received by numerous shoppers, who chimed in with their own anecdotes of remarkable savings achieved by implementing the suggested strategy.

“I have never paid full price in places like that. I also ask what’s the best price. Sometimes only $20 but could sometimes be a few hundred,” one person said.

“Always do this! Everywhere. If you’re buying a big ticket item say a car or fridge, go to two retailers and ask what’s the best price you’re willing to give for this? I saved $50 recently for a deep freezer at Betta electrical.”

“I always ask is it the best price, and I always ask do they do veterans discount also, never pay the price advertised,” another shared.

“We went in to get a washed and dryer a couple weeks ago and I asked do your price match. The guy was more than accepting of my question and seemed excited that someone asked.”

“I wish we could do this in Aldi, or Woolies or Coles lol,” said another.

Source: Getty Images.

With the cost of living increasing and longer life expectancies becoming commonplace, for retirees, it’s important to make the most of your savings and stretch your budget as far as possible.

Founder and CEO of Stockspot, Chris Brycki advises that “retirees can look to a variety of places to save money and ease cost of living pressures.”

“This can be in paying for utilities, groceries and healthcare,” Brycki said.

Some of the other crucial areas that retirees can find much-needed savings include:

  • Government – Most governments provide seniors with discounts and reduced prices for items such as transport.
  • Groceries – Brycki suggests that “where possible, bulk buy things when they go on sale, especially non-perishable items like cleaning products. Also look for special savings days.”
  • Utilities – some utility providers offer a discount to seniors and retirees. Shop around to find a provider that offers discounts and to ensure you are getting the best prices.
  • Healthcare – again shop around to ensure you have the best health cover available. Some providers give discounts to seniors provided they have a Seniors Card or are retired.
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