The new game show tipped to step into Millionaire Hot Seat’s shoes

Aug 14, 2023
As the popular program comes to an end, game shows fans will be happy to know that the famous British quiz show Tipping Point will be taking its spot. Source: Getty Images.

In the wake of Millionaire Hot Seat’s hiatus bombshell, rumours have swirled as to what show will take its place.

Presented by the beloved Eddie McGuire, Millionaire Hot Seat holds the title of the most enduring quiz show on Australian television, following its 2500th episode in April of this year.

Although it initially seized the attention of viewers with its exhilarating structure and considerable monetary rewards, there has been a recent downturn in ratings, as Seven’s The Chase Australia takes control of the time slot.

As the curtain prepares to be drawn on the popular program, game show aficionados will no doubt be thrilled to learn that the popular British quiz show Tipping Point is set to take its place.

As reported by TV Blackboxan Aussie-made version of the show will reportedly greet audiences in the 5 pm time slot with former tennis star Todd Woodbridge set to host.

The Tipping Point combines elements of quiz, strategy, and chance. The basic premise of the game involves a large coin pusher machine with multiple shelves that hold counters. Contestants answer general knowledge questions to earn counters.

Each correct answer gives them a chance to insert a counter into the machine and potentially push other counters off the shelves. The objective is to strategically place the counters on the shelves in a way that will cause them to be pushed over the edge, winning points based on their landing positions.

While the excitement may be growing among viewers for the new show, audiences were initially gutted to hear of Millionaire Hot Seat’s cancellation after McGuire announced the sad news.

“With great pride and joy but also sadness, Millionaire Hot Seat will go into hiatus at the end of January next year,” McGuire told 3AW.

“I want to thank everybody who came on the show those who’ve watched it over 25 years. It changed my life. It changed a lot of other people’s life. It’s been an absolute joy.

“The good news is, the show that will replace me will be produced out of Melbourne and the wonderful staff at GTV who have worked alongside me, hopefully would be a big part of it.”

Millionaire Hot Seat will reportedly continue to air until the show goes into hiatus in January 2024.

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