The most Aussie snake ever gets caught trying to quench thirst with beer

Tiger snakes are the fourth most venomous snakes in the world. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Only in Australia! A tiger snake desperate for a drink has found itself trapped inside a Carlton Draught beer can, much to the surprise of a professional snake-catcher.

The highly venomous snake got its head caught in a can the in Melbourne’s outer-suburbs on Sunday. Luckily for the snake, professional snake handler Stewart Gatt (Stewy the Snake Catcher) was at the ready. Stewart posted a video to Facebook saying, “The people were trying to cut the snake out themselves, but I quickly told them to stop as the situation was deemed too dangerous.”

The video shows Stewart cutting a hole in the can for the snake to pop its head through using a pair of pilers. As he cuts the can, he tries to reassure the snake that he’s there to save it.  “Yeah mate, I know you are in pain. Just relax for a minute,” he says in the video. “Stop struggling for a minute. Relax mate, I am saving you.”

Users took to Facebook to share their thoughts. One user wrote, “Good on ya Stew! Fantastic you saved the little beauty!” While another added, “A very good reason to crush cans when finished and throw them in the bin. Glad the gorgeous snake will be ok!”

Stewart warned, however, that trying to free a snake in the same way was not wise, and advised calling a professional. Tiger snakes are the fourth most-venomous snake in the world and are commonly found in southern regions of Australia, he said.

The snake catcher had been caring for the reptile since the rescue, but uploaded a video today announcing its release saying, “Tiger snake which was stuck in a beer can is good to be released.”

“All this snake was trying to do was get a drink,” he says. “At least he is a Carlton Draught drinker, which is good.”

What do you think? What’s the strangest spot you’ve found a snake? 

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