‘The Bureau has not rebranded’: The Bureau of Meteorology’s sensational rebrand somersault

Oct 21, 2022
The Bureau of Meteorology backflips on rebrand. Source: Getty

After performing an ill-timed rebranding, the Bureau of Meteorology has backflipped, saying it welcomes the community “to refer to the Bureau in any way they wish”, including “the BOM”.

The weather authority released an announcement to media outlets on October 18, in the midst of natural disasters and flooding events, asking for the use of BOM to be dropped when referencing the organisation, instead wanting to be known as the Bureau.

The Bureau faced widespread criticism for its $220,296 “brand refresh”, with the Minister for the Environment and Water, Tanya Plibersek, slamming the organisation for its misplaced concerns.

“With the severe weather we’re experiencing right now, what matters is accurate and timely weather information for communities. Lives are at risk,” Plibersek said.

“My focus and the focus of the BOM should be on weather, not branding.”

Speaking with 2GB radio, a spokesperson for the Bureau attempted to save face and denied a rebrand.

“Using our full name reflects the correct title of the agency,” they said.

“As part of the Bureau’s brand refresh, the Bureau sought support from media outlets to refer to us as the Bureau of Meteorology as it underscores our position as the national authority for reliable, accurate and trusted weather, water, climate and oceans information.

“The community is welcome to refer to the Bureau in any way they wish, including referring to us as the ‘BoM’. It is up to individual media outlets to determine their style guidelines.

“The Bureau has not rebranded.”

The sensational somersault comes as no surprise, with many of the public saying they will be ignoring the Bureau’s request and will continue to refer to them as the BOM.

The ABC reported former staff of the Bureau said they hoped the rebrand flop had exposed the “nonsense” that’s happening behind the scenes at the national weather forecaster.

“We don’t wish any of this negativity on any of our friends who are still there,” said the former staffer.

“But we’re very glad to see that the people who run the show there are being exposed.”


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