Watch now: Sydney mum finds and films snake in six-year-old’s bedroom

Mar 01, 2021
The snake was filmed striking at objects in the room. Source: 2GB

A Sydney mother has filmed the moment she found a one-metre-long snake in her six-year-old daughter’s bedroom on Friday evening.

The mother, named Meg, sent the video to 2GB radio after discovering the snake curled up among toys in her daughter’s bedroom.

Meg said she initially nearly picked up the snake, not realising what it was. “It was later on Friday night, when I was putting the girls to bed, I stepped over a few toys because they were playing with a few friends that afternoon,” Meg told 2GB’s breakfast show host Ben Fordham on Monday morning. “I thought it was a shoelace and I was going to pick it up, but I decided to turn the light on and see what it was.”

Meg’s footage shows the snake poised with its neck arched up before it strikes sharply at objects away from the camera. It is then seen hovering in the room, hissing.


Posted by 2GB 873 – Sydney Talk Radio on Sunday, February 28, 2021


Meg managed to catch the snake in a clear container and then do a Google search to determine the species, before releasing it to a tree outside.


The snake in the clear container. Source: 2GB

Based on the gold-coloured markings on its head, Meg and her daughter believed it to be a Golden-crowned snake, a native Australian reptile.

Golden-crowned snakes are only mildly venomous and typically only ‘mock bite’ when threatened. They are not considered dangerous.

Meg’s daughter later named the snake Mr Snakey and claimed she “missed it” once they had let it go!

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Have you found a snake in your home? Which species was it?

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