Sydney airport chaos foreshadows Easter holiday travel woes

Apr 08, 2022
Sydney Airport chaos as holiday travel kicks off. Source: @mjrowland68/Twitter

Travellers at Sydney airport are experiencing check-in chaos with up to two-hourly delays due to airline shortages as the holiday season kicks off.

Passengers took to social media to show the mayhem, criticizing the airport’s staffing judgements, with queues snaking throughout the inside and outside of the airport.

Some claimed queue jumpers were adding to the bedlam, causing missed flights and grounded planes due to the lack of onboard passengers.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported passenger Mitch Dale’s experience in the chaos.

“The departures hall is just bedlam, full of lines that are seemingly random and impossible to distinguish if they’re for check-in or security,” Dale said.

“They just made an announcement that this is the busiest day Sydney Airport has had this year so far.

“I was definitely stressed – honestly didn’t think I had any chance of making my flight when I realised the lines going outside the building were for security.”

Sydney Airport issued an apology to unhappy travellers in a tweet, attributing the delays to ‘inexperienced’ travellers and distancing laws.

Travellers were unhappy with Sydney Airport for not taking full responsibility for the delays.

Domestic air travel is expected to get more expensive when the temporary cut to the fuel excise ends due to the rising cost of fuel.

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