‘Stop boomer bashing’: Older Australians hit back after home ownership debate heats up

Jun 09, 2023
Source: Getty Images.

The intergenerational conflict between Baby Boomers and Millennials has reached new heights after a viral video claiming that older Australians had it easier when purchasing a home ignited a fiery response.

Australian filmmaker Jack Toohey’s video, highlighting the differences between buying a house in the 80s compared to now exploded online this week, eliciting numerous responses from both young and old after Toohey made claims that today’s housing system was “broken”.

@jack_toohey ???? market is broken, pass it on! #okboomer #auspol #property #learnontiktok #history #timetravel #housingcrisis ♬ Housing Crisis – Jack Toohey

While those on both sides of the argument jostled to be heard on the matter, it was Baby Boomers who made their point loud and clear during a recent segment on 3AW Melbourne.

Toohey spoke with 3AW host Elise Elliott regarding the viral video and it wasn’t long before older Australians began calling in to share their opinions on the housing crisis.

“Why is it that us boomers get picked on?” one caller said.

“Because we didn’t do holidays until we were older, we didn’t have anything in our homes when we first got married, and yeah we’ve got a dollar now and the government and everybody else is having a go at us, about, oh we’ve got lots of money, we don’t need it.”

Another caller demanded an end to the “boomer bashing” while sharing that it was just as hard for her to buy a house when she was younger.

“I’m a boomer and I agree, stop boomer bashing,” another listener demanded.

“I was a single parent and my mortgage was 18 per cent. I didn’t go out when my friends were socialising, I didn’t get cappuccinos, I didn’t go out for breakfast, I scrimped and scraped and I worked hard, and that’s the only way you can do it. I mean, I know they disagree and say, oh we have to have a life as well now, but if you want to save the money and get a deposit then you need to cut back on these things.”

The debate wasn’t just relegated solely to the airwaves with several taking to social media to voice their opinions and make it clear that Boomers didn’t have it as easy as Millennials claim.

While the viral video may have intensified the generational conflict, it also revealed the ongoing hardships Australians are facing as the housing crisis grips the nation.

It serves as a timely reminder that the housing crisis is not just about the rivalry between generations, but a widespread issue that demands greater understanding and much-needed measures to help both young and old.

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