Baby Boomer takes the internet by storm after taking ‘freeloading’ Millennials to task

Dec 06, 2022
The Tik Tok video in which Bourkey express his frustration has amassed 10,000 likes, with many sharing their agreements with his stance. Source: Getty Images.

As sure as the sun rises and sets each day, the ongoing intergenerational conflict between Baby Boomers and Millennials will no doubt continue to rage on for years to come.

One Baby Boomer, however, has taken the fight to social media with an expletive laden rant against the younger generations, particularly those who still “live at home with mummy and daddy”.

The Tik Tok video in which Bourkey vented his frustration has amassed 10,000 likes, with many expressing their agreements with his viewpoint.

“What a joke. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a joke,” Bourkey began the video.

“Me and my brothers – I’ve got a lot of brothers and sisters, ten plus, okay – could not wait to get out [of] the house, we could not wait to move out.

“I had to get out of the house… But I’ll tell you something these young guys these days have no idea.

“They expect mummy and daddy to look after them still when they’re in their upper mid-twenties living at home, freeloading, pretty much because they’re all on 900 to 1200 bucks a f***ing week.”

Bourkey then detailed several Millennial traits that he takes issue with, which included the expectation that their parents “put dinner on the f***ing table, wash their clothes, mow the lawn and go to work too”.

He then encouraged Millennials to “pull your weight” before asking any of members of the age cohort who may have been watching the video if they contribute to household expenses.

“Hey, we all work – I don’t give a f*** if you’ve got a job or not. Get out and pull your weight, help around the house. You don’t pay f***ing board,” he said.

“How many young people pay board? I want to know, because when I was f***ing 14 I left school.”

@jack65angel #expectantlittlebrats ♬ original sound – Bourkey

Bourkey’s fans were quick to share their agreement, taking to the comments section of the video to voice their own grievances with Millennials.

“I agree mate. But I blame the parents. The parents these days they do everything for the kid so they can’t learn. But also don’t let them go out,” one fan wrote.

“Oh mate I agree , that’s why these kids are soft & don’t know how to do things not my kids mate they do everything around here.”

“Totally agree I moved out at 15 but I know of a free loader cousin who still gets help.”

“Yeah spot on.”

Bourkey isn’t the only one who has taken issue with the perceived lack of work ethic and direction among Millennials, earlier this year a Dollar Tree manager also vented his frustration with the younger generation by posting a handwritten ‘Help Wanted’ sign in the window of the store, asking for “baby boomers only” given their work ethic.

“I apologize for us closing AGAIN. My 2 new cashiers quit because I said their boyfriends couldn’t stand here for their entire shift,” the sign read.

“Don’t hire Gen Z’s. They don’t know what work actually means. NOW HIRING! *Baby Boomers ONLY, thanks!”

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