Step into comfort: The foolproof trick for snagging comfy shoes every time revealed

Dec 21, 2023
With this newfound wisdom, you'll be gliding through life in style and comfort, one well-tested pair of shoes at a time. Source: Getty Images.

In the bustling realm of fashion, one woman has revealed her secret weapon for ensuring every step is a comfy delight when it comes to new shoe purchases. Meet Asia Marquis, the footwear whisperer, who recently shared her ingenious trick to distinguish between a blissful stroll and a blister-inducing nightmare.

As the age-old adage goes, “Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”. Well, Asia has decided to walk that mile and then some, all in the quest for the perfect pair of footwear. Her technique? A simple, yet brilliant, test that promises to revolutionise your shoe-shopping experience.

“One thing my grandmother taught me about buying shoes… is to make sure that you do the ‘shoe rock test’,” she explained.

“The other day I came across authentic Harley-Davidson leather boots… But when I did the shoe rock test, I noticed these boots were not stable at all.

“My grandmother always used to say, ‘If it rocks off your foot, it’s going to rock on your foot’.”

To conduct the test, place the shoes on a level surface and give them a subtle nudge to check for any rocking motion.

If they remain steady, according to Asia, they are likely to provide a comfortable walking experience.

“Shoes that are made properly will not rock like this when you put them on — and if they do, don’t buy them,” she advised.

“So next time… make sure you do the shoe rock test and if they lean… they will rock with it, so leave them behind.”

@asiamarquis #comethriftingwithme and learn a new #thrifttip When buying #thriftedshoes make sure you’re checking to make sure they are stable! You dont want your legs wobbling like Bambi in your #thriftedheels #thrifttok #thrifttips #howtothrift #thriftfinds #thriftersoftiktok #blackgirlsthrift #frugalfashionista ♬ original sound – Frugal Fashionista 🤩

The video has since gone viral, with avid shoe enthusiasts praising Asia for her wisdom.

“This is some of the best information I have ever seen. I will be using the shoe rock test from now on!” one footwear enthusiast wrote.

“I wish someone told me this.”

“OMG thank you! Great tip about the shoe rock test!”

“Ugh, could’ve saved my ankles so much pain if I’d known this!” commented another.

“I’ve honestly never heard of this test but the logic is sound. Always listen to tips from Grandma!”

The next time you embark on a shoe-shopping spree, remember Asia’s sage advice.

Don’t just buy with your eyes, let your feet have a say too! With this newfound wisdom, you’ll be gliding through life in style and comfort, one well-tested pair of shoes at a time.


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