Surprise! 91yo gets fright of her life after snake head pops out of kitchen sink

Jun 01, 2021
The tree snake peeping out of the woman's kitchen sink. Source: Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast/Facebook

Snakes sometimes end up in the darnedest of places, and a 91-year-old woman from Munruben in Logan City, Queensland, got the shock of her life recently when she found a snake peering out of her kitchen sink while she was doing the dishes.

Concerned at first that she was maybe “just seeing things”, the elderly woman decided to call Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast to be on the safe side and — yup — she was right! There was indeed a snake hiding in her kitchen sink pipes. The snake in question was a common tree snake, which is essentially harmless to humans, but can still be quite frightening when they appear in odd places!

The snake catcher on call documented the rescue mission by sharing a video on the company’s official Facebook page, with the caption, “Elderly lady spots snake head poking out of her sink. This afternoon we were called to a job in Munruben where a 91-year-old lady claimed there was a snake head poking out through her sink. After a quick look down the drain and not being able to see anything, I decided to undo the S bend, only to find this common tree snake! The lady was quite pleased with herself that there was an actual snake, saying, ‘Glad I’m not loosing my marbles yet!'”

Source: Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast/Facebook

Facebook users were quick to comment on the post, with one writing, “So good of you to investigate further; peace of mind for her. Thank you.” Another questioned how it got there in the first place, “How do they even get into these places?” While a third simply stated, “Just no.”

It’s not the first snake story that has made headlines this year. In late February, a Sydney mother called 2GB radio station to tell of her frightening snake find in her six-year-old daughter’s bedroom. The mother, named Meg, sent a video to the radio station after discovering the one-metre-long snake curled up among toys in her daughter’s bedroom.

Meg said she initially nearly picked up the snake, not realising what it was. “It was later on Friday night, when I was putting the girls to bed, I stepped over a few toys because they were playing with a few friends that afternoon,” Meg told 2GB’s breakfast show host Ben Fordham at the time. “I thought it was a shoelace and I was going to pick it up, but I decided to turn the light on and see what it was.”

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Have you found a snake in your home? Which type was it?

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