‘She didn’t scream’: Crucial witness in Maddie McCann case delivers explosive revelation

Jul 02, 2023
While investigators continue their search for answers, a witness has spoken publicly about the troubling details of his encounter with the key suspect. Source: Getty Images.

In a stunning development in the long-running investigation into the disappearance of Maddie McCann, a witness has emerged with a chilling revelation regarding a conversation they had with the key suspect in the case.

Maddie went missing from her bed at a resort while holidaying with her parents in Portugal on May 3, 2007. The case of the then three-year-old’s disappearance attracted considerable global attention. Despite a long-running investigation, Maddie’s whereabouts remain unknown to this day.

While investigators continue their search for answers, Helge Busching has spoken publicly for the first time about the troubling details of his encounter with the suspect.

Busching recently spoke with the German newspaper Bild regarding how he crossed paths with the main suspect at a music festival in Spain.

“He asked me, ‘don’t you go to Portugal anymore and do business there?”’ he began.

“I said, ”no, since the girl disappeared there, there have been too many police checks for me and I don’t need that at all’.

“[Madeleine’s disappearance] came up and I said: ”Anyway, I don’t understand how the little one could have disappeared without a trace’.

“Christian had drunk two or three beers, and he said: ”She didn’t scream.’

“I thought: He knows that. He has something to do with it. But he also checked that I understood that and then left at night.

“At 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning he left a packed festival with his mobile home. I looked for him the next morning, but his neighbours said he had left.”

The stunning revelation comes after investigators recently announced they were conducting new searches at a reservoir located inland from where Maddie went missing as part of the investigation.

At the time, Portugal’s Judicial Police released a statement confirming the search efforts were underway.

“In view of the news made public, the Judiciary Police confirms that, regarding the investigation into the disappearance of an English child, which occurred in the Algarve in 2007, steps are still being taken to fully clarify the situation,” the statement read.

“Within the scope of international cooperation, in the next few days in the Algarve region, new searches will be carried out, coordinated by the Judiciary Police, at the request of the German Authorities (BKA) and with the presence of the British Authorities.

“Information will be provided in due course on the outcome of the proceedings.”

Authorities have reportedly taken items of evidence away for further analysis.

As the world waits to see if the recent developments will turn up any answers, Maddie’s parents recently took to social media to wish their missing daughter a happy birthday, expressing their unwavering determination to continue the search.

“Happy birthday Madeleine! We love you and we’re waiting for you. We’re never going to give up,” they wrote.

“Still missing. Still very much missed. Still looking. For as long as it takes.”

Many sympathised with the couple and wished Maddie a happy birthday, hoping her parents find the answers they need.

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