‘Words fail’ Piers Morgan after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle receive ‘outrageous’ award

Nov 27, 2022
Piers Morgan held little back when it came to his disdain for the couple while urging the powers that be to reconsider awarding them the honour. Source: Getty Images.

It was recently announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be receiving the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award for challenging alleged “structural racism” within the Monarchy, a move that unsurprisingly has not sat well with outspoken media personality Piers Morgan.

While discussing the award and why Prince Harry and Meghan are being recognised, Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter Kerry Kennedy cited the pair’s decision to go “to the oldest institution in UK history” to tell them “they couldn’t have structural racism within the institution; that they could not maintain a misunderstanding about mental health”.

“They knew that if they did this there would be consequences, that they would be ostracised, they would lose their family, their position within this structure, and that people would blame them for it,” Kennedy told El Confidencial.

While Kennedy applauded the couple for their efforts, Morgan was quick to slam not only the Sussexes but also those awarding the “outrageous” honour.

During the Tuesday, November 22 broadcast of Fox and Friends, Piers Morgan held little back when it came to his disdain for the couple while urging the powers that be to reconsider awarding them the honour.

“The idea that these two little grifters, who quit royal duty, quit Britain… exploited and fleeced their royal titles for hundreds of millions of dollars straight in their back pocket,” he said.

“The idea that they’re being lauded as some kind of heroes in America by your own sort of royal family, if you like, the Kennedys, it really sticks in my gullet.

“And I think they should rethink this, because I think it just to me, it epitomises the malaise of modern celebrity when you have two people going out of their way to trash their families on national television.”

As a proud monarchist, the former Good Morning Britain host revealed that he found it “completely outrageous that they are now being given the cloak of honour and prestige and branded heroes by a Kennedy”.

“Harry has this book coming out, and he’s going to do it all over again to his father who’s now the king, who’s still mourning, of course, the death of his mother,” he said.

“You’ve got Meghan Markle, who was a sort of two-bit mediocre actress who married into a family, took our favourite prince, took him to America, and is now spending her entire time trying to attack the monarchy.”

Morgan has never been one to shy away from expressing his disdain for the Sussexes, regularly taking to public platforms to voice his displeasure with the couple.

During a recent broadcast of his program, Uncensored, Morgan launched into a rant regarding “whiny” Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir

“I’m sure his father is thrilled about it,” he said.

“This is a family we are talking about, they had a pop at them on Oprah, are they really going to do it all again in a book?”

Before Morgan could launch too far into yet another tirade against the royal pair, the controversial host was quickly shut down by author and royal expert, Tessa Dunlop, who told Morgan that if the memoir is such a problem for him, he should refrain from talking about it.

“Do you know, if you don’t want this book to succeed, if it irks you that much, stop talking about it! That’s all I have to say to you,” Dunlop told Morgan.

Morgan said he had no doubt the book would perform well, but that wasn’t the cause of his anguish.

“Oh no, it will succeed. It will be a massive number one, it will be a bestseller,” he replied.

“That’s not my argument, he’s got to get his money by going out there and flogging it.

“My point is he is trashing the institution and the people at the head of it who have awarded him his title.”

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