The Queen’s royal chefs share her very boozy Christmas pudding recipe

Add a kick to your Christmas spread this year with this tipsy royal pudding recipe. Source: Getty

It’s no secret that our Majesty likes a tipple (even if royal doctors have reportedly counselled her to cut back on the booze of late).

So it’s no surprise then that when royal chefs shared their annual Christmas pudding recipe this week on the Royal Family Twitter page in honour of Stir-up Sunday, it contained rum, brandy and beer.

Stir-up Sunday is typically the last Sunday before the season of Advent when many festive season traditionalists get to work on making their Christmas pudding.

This year’s royal recipe comprises 13 ingredients to symbolise Christ and the 12 apostles, but it has swapped out the more traditional port in favour of beer.

The Royal Family’s official website has revealed previously that our Monarch presents a Christmas pudding to every member of her staff, often from Harrods or Fortnum & Mason, in a tradition started by her grandfather, George V.


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How to make your own boozy Christmas pudding that’s fit for a Queen


• 250g raisins
• 250g currants
• 185g sultanas
• 150g mixed peel
• 250g suet or vegetarian suet
• 250g breadcrumbs
• 90g flour
• 12g mixed spice
• 2 whole eggs
• 180g demerara sugar
• 275ml beer
• 40ml dark rum
• 40ml brandy

This recipe makes 2 one-kilo puddings


1. Combine all dry ingredients
2. Stir them together
3. Add the eggs and liquid
4. Stir everything up
5. Grease your pudding basins
6. Press the cake mix into the basins
7. Cover with a circle of parchment paper
8. Cover basins with muslin or foil, and place puddings into a deep saucepan
9. Fill up with water up to three quarters of pudding basin height
10. Cover with foil
11. Steam for six hours refilling water if necessary
12. Once cooled, wrap puddings well and keep in cool, dry and dark place until Christmas

On Christmas Day, reheat your pudding for 3-4 hours. Remove from the basin using a rounded knife or palette knife, flip out onto a plate, and serve with brandy sauce and cream or custard.

Young Queen Elizabeth with Christmas tree
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrate a Christmas past. Source: Getty

Have you made your Christmas pudding yet?

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