The Duchess of Cambridge shares royal engagement with Princess Anne for the first time

Apr 28, 2022
Kate Middleton and Princess Anne attend first royal engagement together. Source: Getty

Kate Middleton and Princess Anne have attended a new women’s healthcare centre, speaking to new mums and midwives about maternity care, marking the pair’s first official engagement together.

The duo carried out their royal engagement at the new base for the Royal College for Obstetrics and Gynaecology (RCOG) in London, which will be working alongside the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) to improve maternity care.

Kate shared the pair’s engagement on social media.

“Introducing a new global hub for maternity care and women’s health. This new building illustrates the importance of sector collaboration in finding solutions to improve maternal healthcare,” she wrote.

“We heard about the ways in which the @midwives_rcm and the @rcobsgyn are working together to tackle inequalities in maternity care and ensure women can get the best care possible across all backgrounds.

It is vital that women and families feel listened to and supported at such a significant time in their lives.”

The Duchess looked regal in an elegant cream belted blazer, paired with a matching cream pencil skirt and her long brown hair worn loose and sleek.

kate middleton gt
Kate looked elegant in her cream ensemble. Source: Getty

The Queen’s daughter looked refined as she stepped out in an understated teal coat dress, teamed up with a matching scarf.


princess anne gt
Anne stepped out in a beautiful teal coat. Source: Getty

Princess Anne has been a patron of the RCM for 20 years, visiting midwives across the UK whilst the Duchess of Cambridge became a patron of the RCOG in 2018, making early childhood development and pregnancy a major focus of her work.

The two Royals heard about the need for more midwives and experienced medical teams to provide first-hand medical care so that mothers-to-be are well informed on their maternal care.

The women will also meet with representatives from Tommy’s National Centre for Maternity Improvement and partners of the Avoiding Brain Injury in Childbirth (ABC) to learn about medical developments helping women and babies in high-risk pregnancies.

As reported by Yahoo! the Princess advocated for pregnant women, saying they should be receiving all information in their maternity care.

“Pregnant women, they should know just as much as everybody else does but they’re seen, as I’ve said before, ‘you’re seen as a patient you don’t need to be part of the answer’,” she said.

Kate and Anne were informed how the RCM and the RCOG will work together to bridge the gap in maternal care, removing inequalities and ensuring all women are provided outstanding maternity care.




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