Royal encounters: What’s it like to meet the King?

May 06, 2023
Have you ever met King Charles? Source: Getty

For centuries, royal families around the world have held a special place in the hearts and minds of their subjects.

From the grandeur of palaces to the lavish ceremonies and traditions that surround them, kings and queens have long captured our imaginations and meeting royalty is often something only ever dreamed about.

But what is it really like to come face-to-face with royalty, and more importantly what is our new King, Charles III like?


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This is the question that a curious royal fan posed to an online forum, and those fortunate enough to have had rare encounters with the King have generously shared their insights.

One person who met with the King to discuss “regimental matters” for work said meeting the then Prince Charles was a high point in his life.

“I had a private meeting with him on Dec 7, 2017. Me and my 3 colleagues sat in his sitting room at Clarence House and discussed Regimental matters (he is our Colonel and Chief) for about 45 minutes,” the comment read.

“He is extremely charming in person in a small group.

“He started out by asking us where we were from and we said Sudbury, Ontario. He asked where that was and we said about 4 hours north of Toronto. Then he exclaimed, ‘You came all this way just to see me?’ which made all of us laugh of course.

“I remember wondering at the time how many people he’s used that line on.

“The visit was lovely and it is a highlight of my life.”

Another person said he met the King in Tasmania back in 1994, and said he found him to be down to earth for a royal.

“I met Prince Charles at a reception in 1994 in Tasmania. I was 23,” the comment began.

“He is not at all out of touch. He specifically asked for as many youth to be invited to the reception as possible.

“He spent a long time chatting to everyone who wanted to do so, while the Premier of Tasmania waited patiently for him to finish. He even joked amiably with a young lady who was clearly drunk!

“Not that it should be surprising for one so well brought-up, his manners were impeccable, not in their formality, but in making one feel completely comfortable in his presence.

“And after all, isn’t that what good manners are all about?”

Meeting royalty is a rare and exciting opportunity that few have had the privilege of experiencing. For those who have met with royalty and in particular King Charles, each encounter is unique and personal, and the stories shared by those who have met him offer a fascinating glimpse into the life of a monarch. Whether it is a chance encounter or a planned visit, meeting King Charles is seemingly an unforgettable experience that will be treasured among those who were lucky enough to cross his path for a lifetime.


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