Piers Morgan slams Prince Harry’s upcoming attendance at King Charles’ coronation

Apr 14, 2023
Morgan was unsurprisingly upset by the news of Harry's attendance at the coronation due to their ongoing feud. Source: Getty Images.

Controversial media personality Piers Morgan has once again stirred up controversy, this time for taking a dig at Prince Harry over his recently confirmed attendance at King Charles’ coronation.

Following months of speculation, Buckingham Palace recently confirmed that Prince Harry will attend the coronation of his father King Charles III on May 6.

Although Harry is set to make an appearance, the Palace revealed his wife Meghan Markle and their two children will not be in attendance.

“Buckingham Palace is pleased to confirm that The Duke of Sussex will attend the Coronation Service at Westminster Abbey on May 6th,” the palace said in a statement.

“The Duchess of Sussex will remain in California with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.”

Morgan was quick to share his displeasure at the news of Harry’s attendance, asking: “I’d love to know exactly who at Buckingham Palace is ‘pleased’ he’s attending.”

Morgan’s followers were quick to respond to Morgan’s query while offering their own thoughts on Harry’s attendance.

“I think his father would be pleased that his son is willing to put things aside to attend his coronation. Family, after all, is everything,” one person said.

“It’s the best and only option to not distract from this important day.”

“It’s called being diplomatic Piers. What did you want the PR team at the palace to say? “We can confirm that the Duke of Sussex will attend the coronation, oh well never mind eh, at least he can sit next to Andrew and listen to his moaning during the ceremony.”

“I think that people are hoping the rift will heal and they can have him back,” another commented.

“I think they meant to say they are pleased he is attending without Meghan.”

It should come as little surprise that Morgan was left perturbed by the news of Harry’s presence at the upcoming coronation given his ongoing feud with the former royal and his wife, Meghan Markle.

Most recently Morgan demanded that Harry and Meghan apologise to the Royal Family after Harry’s tirade against the Royal Family in a series of tell-all interviews and in his memoir.

Morgan, a self described proud monarchist, had lost patience with the ongoing attacks and called for Harry and Meghan to “plunge to their knees” and “apologise”.

“This treacherous little toad has forgotten that he is supposed to turn into a Prince after being kissed by a spoiled Princess, not the other way around,” Morgan said during a broadcast of Piers Morgan Uncensored. 

“Before we even think about whether Harry and Meghan should be allowed anywhere near the coronation, and for me, they absolutely should not be considered for an invitation, one thing would need to happen.

“They’d have to go on national television., plunge to their knees and issue a global apology to their families on both sides who they so mercilessly trashed.”






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