King Charles reflects on Queen’s ‘inspiring example’ as he is officially proclaimed UK’s new Monarch

Sep 11, 2022
King Charles' coronation may be scheduled sometime May or June. Source: Getty Images.

King Charles III has been officially proclaimed Britain’s new Monarch in a history-making ceremony on Saturday, September 10 that was televised for the first time.

Accompanied by his wife Camilla, the Queen Consort, and his eldest son Prince William, King Charles joined approximately 200 senior politicians and officials at St James’ Palace for the Accession Council where he was officially proclaimed King by Clerk of the Privy Council of the United Kingdom, Richard Tilbrook.


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Newly appointed UK Prime Minister Liz Truss, Prince William, and Camilla signed the proclamation.

King Charles delivered a declaration to the ceremony where he pledged “to follow the inspiring example” set by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in “upholding constitutional government” and vowed “to seek the peace, harmony and prosperity of the peoples of these islands and of the Commonwealth realms and territories throughout the world”.

“It is my most sorrowful duty to announce to you the death of my beloved mother, the Queen,” he began.

“I know how deeply you and the entire nation, and I think I may say the whole world, sympathise with me into the irreparable loss we have all suffered.

“It is the greatest consolation to me to know of the sympathy expressed by so many to my sister and brothers and that such overwhelming affection and support should be extended to our whole family in our loss.

“To all of us as a family, as to this kingdom, and the wider family of nations of which it is a part, my mother gave an example of lifelong love and of selfless service.

“My mother’s reign was unequalled in its duration, its dedication and its devotion. Even as we grieve, we give thanks for this most faithful life.

“I am deeply aware of this great inheritance and of the duties and heavy responsibilities of sovereignty which have now passed to me.

“In taking up these responsibilities, I shall strive to follow the inspiring example I have been set in upholding constitutional government and to seek the peace, harmony and prosperity of the peoples of these islands and of the Commonwealth realms and territories throughout the world.

“In this purpose, I know that I shall be upheld by the affection and loyalty of the peoples whose sovereign I have been called upon to be and that in the discharge of these duties, I will be guided by the counsel of their elected parliaments.

“In all this, I am profoundly encouraged by the constant support of my beloved wife.

“I take this opportunity to confirm my willingness and intention to continue the tradition of surrendering the hereditary revenues including the crown estate to my government for the benefit of all in return for the sovereign grant which supports the official duties as head of state and head of nations.

“And in carrying out the heavy task that has been laid upon me, and to which I now dedicate what remains to me of my life, I pray for the guidance and help of Almighty God.”

The King then took an oath “relating to the security of the Church of Scotland”.

“I, Charles III, by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of my other realms and territories, King, Defender of the Faith, do faithfully promise and swear that I should inviolably maintain and preserve the settlement of the true Protestant religion as established by the laws made in Scotland in prosecution of the Claim of Right and particularly by an act intituled an act for securing the Protestant religion and Presbyterian church government and by the acts passed in the Parliament of both kingdoms for union of the two kingdoms, together with the government, worship, discipline, rights and privileges, of the Church of Scotland,” he said.

“So Help me God.”

The day prior, Friday, September 9, King Charles delivered another history-making speech during an emotional tribute to the Queen in his first speech to the nation which was broadcast in the UK and around the world.

King Charles III paid tribute to his “mother’s memory” while reflecting on the “sense of loss, beyond measure” that he and the world share.

“I speak to you today with feelings of profound sorrow. Throughout her life, Her Majesty The Queen – my beloved mother – was an inspiration and example to me and to all my family, and we owe her the most heartfelt debt any family can owe to their mother; for her love, affection, guidance, understanding and example,” he said.

“Queen Elizabeth’s was a life well-lived, a promise with destiny kept, and she is mourned most deeply in her passing. That promise of lifelong service I renew to you all today.

“Alongside the personal grief that all my family are feeling, we also share with so many of you in the United Kingdom, in all the countries where the Queen was head of state, in the Commonwealth and across the world, a deep sense of gratitude for the more than 70 years in which my mother, as Queen, served the people of so many nations.

“As the Queen herself did with such unswerving devotion, I too now solemnly pledge myself, throughout the remaining time God grants me, to uphold the constitutional principles at the heart of our nation.

“And wherever you may live in the United Kingdom, or in the realms and territories across the world, and whatever may be your background or beliefs, I shall endeavour to serve you with loyalty, respect and love, as I have throughout my life.”


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The King also reflected on the monumental change he will experience in his new role as Head of State.

“My life will of course change as I take up my new responsibilities,” he said.

“It will no longer be possible for me to give so much of my time and energies to the charities and issues for which I care so deeply. But I know this important work will go on in the trusted hands of others.

“This is also a time of change for my family. I count on the loving help of my darling wife, Camilla.”

King Charles III then revealed the new roles his wife Camilla, the Queen Consort, and his eldest son Prince William, and his wife Catherine Middleton will take on.

“In recognition of her own loyal public service since our marriage 17 years ago, she becomes my Queen Consort,” he revealed.

“I know she will bring to the demands of her new role the steadfast devotion to duty on which I have come to rely so much.

“As my heir, William now assumes the Scottish titles which have meant so much to me.

“He succeeds me as Duke of Cornwall and takes on the responsibilities for the Duchy of Cornwall which I have undertaken for more than five decades.

“Today, I am proud to create him Prince of Wales, Tywysog Cymru, the country whose title I have been so greatly privileged to bear during so much of my life and duty.

“With Catherine beside him, our new Prince and Princess of Wales will, I know, continue to inspire and lead our national conversations, helping to bring the marginal to the centre ground where vital help can be given.”

The King also made a brief mention of his youngest son, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

“I want also to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas,” he said.

Although Charles automatically became King when the longest reigning Monarch in British history, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away at the age of 96 the Accession Ceremony makes his position as the new Monarch official.

The beloved Queen’s 70-year reign came to an end on Thursday, September 8 at 6.30pm London time at Balmoral, triggering an outpouring of grief from across the globe.

Buckingham Palace announced her death in a statement after senior royals gathered at Balmoral following concern from the Queen’s doctors regarding her health earlier in the day.

“The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon,” the statement read.

“The King and The Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow.”

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