King Charles and Camilla’s alleged ‘love child’ causes a stir with latest photo

Apr 06, 2023
Dorante-Day has maintained since 2005 that he was born to King Charles and Camilla when they were teenagers. Source: Facebook Simon Charles Dorante-Day

Once again, the Queensland grandfather claiming to be the “love child” of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla is creating a buzz online after offering new proof to support his royal lineage.

Simon Dorante-Day, who claims that he is the secret son of Charles and Camilla, has garnered considerable attention for his assertions, and his latest “breakthrough moment” has been met with an overwhelming response from supporters.

Dorante-Day recently took to social media to share a never before seen comparison image of himself alongside Prince William and King Charles at comparable ages.

“Photo comparisons like this are so important to my case,” he told 7News.

“It’s always a breakthrough moment.”

Followers were quick to offer their support to Dorante-Day in droves, many encouraging him to continue his fight for answers.

“Just remarkable. Hopefully this is the year Charles acknowledges you and your dear brothers and their families know that you have always been out there in the world. Peace be with you Simon Charles Dorante-Day and your family this Easter,” one follower wrote.

“I actually thought it was an old photo of William!”

“Simon, it breaks my heart to see you be ‘rejected’. Let me just say, I believe you…(not that what I believe matters at all)…A simple DNA test would confirm your claim, and I just don’t understand why this cannot happen,” another commented.

“I pray one day you will get the recognition you deserve.”

“There’s no denying you have to be blind Charles and Camilla are the parents.”

“A picture speaks a thousand words.”

Dorante-Day has maintained since 2005 that he was born to King Charles and Camilla when they were teenagers and that they put him up for adoption when he was only eight months old.

In a previous statement to 7News, Dorante-Day mentioned that he had been engaged in a legal fight for several years, attempting to compel Charles and Camilla to undergo a DNA test.

“This is a lengthy legal process and one I’m not giving up,” he told the news outlet.

Most recently he called on his fans to join him in prayer, asking that God make the royal couple feel the “pain” and “suffering” they have brought onto him.

Dorante-Day seemingly adopted a spiritual approach to establish his royal lineage, turning to social media and proposing that his supporters could assist him by reciting a prayer.

“One way in which you can all help, and I know many of you do, is prayer Here’s an excellent prayer!” he wrote at the time.

“God, if it is in the spiritual path of all concerned, bring back to King Charles & wife Queen Camilla the pain they have created and the suffering they have caused. Let them feel it now. Let them receive it in such a manner they can no longer harm others and release the secret of their hidden child.”

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