‘Extraordinary’: Julie Bishop shares her genuine thoughts on King Charles III

Julie Bishop candidly praises King Charles III in new interview. Source: Getty

Former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has opened up about her candid thoughts on the newly crowned King Charles III, sharing that she considers the monarch a true source of “inspiration”.

In a quick social media interview with Marie Clare Australia, the 66-year-old retired politician openly expressed her affection towards the King.

“I admire King Charles,” Bishop said in the video.

“I think he’s been an extraordinarily focused King in waiting.”

This isn’t the first time Bishop, who often spends time with the Royal Family, has gushed over the King.

Last year, the former foreign minister joined Charles for a Gala dinner where she described him as “absolutely delightful” and “has a wickedly self-deprecating sense of humour”.

“He makes me laugh a great deal,” she told Sky News

Bishop also had the opportunity to accompany Charles and Camilla on an overseas trip to Vanuatu back in 2018.

“We spent the day together and he was utterly hilarious,” she said.

“He’s very respectful of course, and it’s just these asides that can have you giggling at inappropriate times.”

In the lead-up to the royal coronation, Bishop, who is chair of King Charles’ charity, Prince’s Trust Australia, has also stood her ground on the rolling debate on whether Australia should become a republic or remain a monarchy.

“I don’t actually think the question of Australia being a republic is attached to the British monarch as such, it’s actually the political system, and the Australian people have shown that they are loath to change if no good reason is demonstrated – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” she said.

“I was quite involved in the last time we had a referendum on this topic in 1998/1999 and there was so much disagreement as to what would replace a constitutional monarchy – a direct elect president, a president elected by the Parliament – there was just no agreement.

“So unless there’s a model that the majority of Australians and a majority of states agree upon, we’ll continue with the system we have.”

The former politician went on to say King Charles will be a great Head of State for Australia, citing his “very long apprenticeship for [the] role” as the reason he is a reliable ruler.

“He brings a lifetime of experience and has obviously observed his late mother closer to hand and I’m sure he will make a very fine monarch for this country and for the other nations around the world,” Bishop said.

“He is curious, intelligent, intensely interested in current affairs, and is very easy to converse with. I find him charming.”

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