Confidant of the Queen reveals she had ‘no regrets’ in the days before she passed away

Sep 24, 2022
Close friend and confidant of the Queen reveals their final conversation. Source: Getty

A confidant of Queen Elizabeth II has revealed a private conversation in the days leading up to the late Monarch’s death, in which she said she had “no regrets at all”.

Moderator of the Church of Scotland, Rt Rev Dr Iain Greenshields went to visit the Queen at Balmoral Castle the weekend before she passed, telling the ABC in the US there was no indication she was reaching the end.

“She was 96. And you could see her fragility, but as soon as she started talking, a very different kind of person emerged,” he said.

“Somebody whose memory was exceptional, somebody who knew everything about you, so she’d done her homework.”

Dr Greenshields revealed Her Majesty’s faith in God was “something which persisted throughout her life” and helped guide her during her 70-year reign.

“She said right at the beginning of her time when she was becoming Queen that she was going to ask God for wisdom,” he said.

“When I was chatting to her about her faith she said she had no regrets at all.

“She had power but she used it in a way that was beneficial to others by serving her country and by doing it so well.”

Dr Greenshields noted it didn’t seem real that his friend, the Queen, could be so full of life one day, and gone the next.

“It seemed just astonishing that the woman who had been so vital, so alive, so engaging, should be all of a sudden, dead and away from us,” he added.

Her Majesty’s friends aren’t the only companions who are in mourning, as pictures from the final funeral processions emerged of her beloved corgis and fell pony joining grievers in lining the streets leading to Windsor Castle – the Queen’s final resting place.

It’s no secret the Queen was an animal lover, owning over 30 corgis over the course of her life and a stable of horses of which she regularly went riding.

Her Majesty’s two corgis, Muick and Sandy, watched the coffin pass by, looking sorrowful, as they sat along the steps of the castle while the black horse, Emma who wore the Queen’s scarf on her saddle, pawed at the ground as the procession passed in what many believe was a curtsy to the Queen.

The Queen’s funeral procession began at Balmoral Castle in Scotland and travelled to Edinburgh, then Buckingham Palace in London before making its way to Westminster Hall for Her Majesty’s Lying-in-State four-day ceremony, then to Westminster Abbey for her State Funeral before finishing at her home in Windsor Castle.

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