Royal fans ecstatic as behind the scenes snaps of Queen Mary’s rise to the throne revealed

Jan 17, 2024
The behind-the-scenes pictures have left royal enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the next installment of Queen Mary's reign. Source: AP PHOTO.

In a royal treat for adoring fans, the Danish Royal Family has opened up a treasure trove of memories, revealing captivating behind-the-scenes snapshots chronicling the historic moment of Queen Mary’s rise to the throne.

Shared on the Danish Royal Family’s official Instagram page, the treasured images provided a special behind-the-scenes look as Queen Mary made her debut that only days prior captivated hearts across the globe

In the series of photos, a touching black-and-white snap showed Mary and Frederik exchanging affectionate looks on the balcony of Christiansborg Palace, holding hands. Another sweet moment captured the King reaching for his Queen’s hand as she prepared to take her place on the balcony.

“A great moment – seen from the other side,” the caption read.

This rare insight into the private world of Queen Mary’s ascent to the throne has not only delighted fans but also deepened the admiration for the royal couple.

As the behind-the-scenes snaps circulated, social media erupted with excitement, with royal enthusiasts expressing their joy and admiration for the couple. Comments flooded in, praising the happiness and love that the couple shared in the historic moment.

“So much love in this picture,” commented one royal fan.

“Queen Mary looks so wonderful!!! So happy for danish people! They have intelligent and beautiful Royal couple!

“They look so happy!

“A great moment indeed! What a great royal couple,” another wrote.

“These pictures are melting my heart! Long live the King and his Queen!”

While fans have gone wild over the recently released photos, their excitement pales in comparison to the exuberant cheers that erupted when the royal pair shared a kiss on the parliamentary balcony.

The touching moment came after King Frederik delivered his first speech as King, voicing his aspiration to be a unifying monarch for the future, a role he had been preparing for his entire life.

“My hope is to be a unifying King of tomorrow,” he told the crowd.

“It’s an assignment I’ve been preparing for my entire life.

“It’s a responsibility I’m taking on with respect, pride and immense joy.”

The 55-year-old King said he started this new journey comforted by the fact that he had his wife and family by his side.

“I need all the support I can get from my beloved wife, my family and from God,” he said.

As the new King and Queen settle into their new royal roles, the behind-the-scenes pictures have left royal enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the next installment of Queen Mary’s reign.

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