‘Rock in peace’: AC/DC mourns the loss of original drummer Colin Burgess

Dec 17, 2023
Fans from near and far joined in paying tribute to Burgess, whose impact on rock music remains timeless. Source:JoelCarrett/AAP-PHOTOS/instagram:ACDC.

The world of rock is in mourning today after Aussie rock band AC/DC announced the passing of its original drummer, Colin Burgess at the age of 77.

Burgess, a cornerstone of AC/DC’s formative years, played a crucial role in defining the band’s unmistakable sound, leaving an everlasting imprint on the global rock scene.

The iconic band took to social media to announce his passing and convey their sadness over the passing of their bandmate and “respected musician”.

“Very sad to hear of the passing of Colin Burgess. He was our first drummer and a very respected musician. Happy memories, rock in peace Colin,” the band wrote.


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Born November 16, 1946, in Sydney, Burgess emerged as a prominent drummer in the Sydney music scene during the 1960s. Together with his brother Denny, he played with various bands, such as The Untamed and later formed Honeybunch, which evolved into The Haze. In 1968, Burgess joined The Masters Apprentices, contributing to their chart-topping success with hits like 5:10 Man and Turn Up Your Radio.

His journey took a turn in 1973 when he became part of the early lineup of AC/DC. However, his tenure was short-lived due to an incident of being intoxicated on stage, leading to his departure in February 1974. Burgess briefly returned as a replacement drummer in 1975 during Phil Rudd’s absence.

In 1983, Burgess collaborated with his brother to form the hard rock band His Majesty, which evolved into Good Time Charlie by 1998. The Masters Apprentices received recognition in 1998 when they were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. The Burgess brothers continued their musical journey, performing as The Burgess Brothers Band and later as Burgess Burgess.

Burgess’s versatile career also included collaborations in projects such as Guitar Heroes, featuring notable Australian guitarists. He later joined the Dead Singer Band, a tribute band honouring deceased Australian singers, showcasing his enduring passion for music.

Fans from near and far joined in paying tribute to Burgess, whose impact on rock music remains timeless.

No cause of death was given.


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