Quizmaster Anne Hegerty discusses her future on The Chase

Feb 23, 2024
Despite her tough on-screen persona, Hegerty's affection for the show is evident as she described it as "the best job I've ever had." Source: Getty Images.

Beloved quizmaster Anne Hegerty has opened up about her future on the iconic show, The Chase, hinting that retirement might not be on the horizon just yet.

When asked about her plans, the 65-year-old quizmaster responded with enthusiasm, no doubt leaving fans buzzing.

“As long as they’ll have me. I don’t have any plans to retire. This is the little workhorse that makes everything else possible, and I love doing it,” she revealed.

At 65, Hegerty has become a household name as the stern and formidable Chaser, going head to head with contestants in a test of general knowledge.

Despite her tough on-screen persona, Hegerty’s affection for the show is evident as she described it as “the best job I’ve ever had.”

In a demonstration of her ongoing commitment to the beloved game show, Hegerty robustly refuted cheating allegations in a recent interview, shedding light on the challenges she and her colleagues face from skeptical viewers.

In a recent interview with the Daily Star, the 65-year-old TV personality shared insights into the varied accusations hurled at her and fellow Chasers. Addressing claims of receiving external assistance, she explained that the public say “all sorts of things”.

“They ask me if I cheat. They say, ‘You’ve got someone in your ears telling you the answers’,” she explained.

Hegerty also debunked speculations about host Bradley Walsh’s role in the alleged conspiracy.

“Others say Bradley reads the questions faster for the Chasers. I’ve checked with a stopwatch and he doesn’t do that,” she said.

Injecting humour into the situation, she quipped, “If the show did any of that, wouldn’t they get six better-looking people?”

“There are always going to be cynical people, but we have independent adjudicators – there’s nothing secret happening. It wouldn’t work if it wasn’t all above board.”

Responding to persistent skepticism, Hegerty shared her pragmatic approach: “Sometimes I respond and sometimes I think, ‘Oh, just go away… you’ve been saying this for 14 years… just shove off’.”

Downplaying the need to engage with baseless accusations, she remarked, “It’s not really worth it. People are always trying to find a reason not to trust something – they think they’re really clever.”

Addressing doubters directly, Hegerty invited them to challenge the Chasers firsthand: “If people want to see how good we are, they can go against us. We’re always going to quizzes that are public. I go to quizzes a lot to maintain my skills. Sometimes I lose and sometimes I win.”

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