Queen Camilla spills the beans on King Charles’ secret talent to delighted fans

Jan 11, 2024
Camilla's unexpected glimpse into the royal's lighthearted side adds a charming layer to their public image. Source: Getty Images.

In a delightful revelation on her newly launched podcast, The Queen’s Reading Room, Queen Camilla has spilled the beans about a surprising talent possessed by none other than King Charles himself.

Move over wizards and witches as it turns out the Monarch has a secret knack for mimicking the voices of beloved Harry Potter characters.

Appearing at the tail end of the inaugural episode, Camilla, a self-proclaimed aficionado of crime fiction, enthusiastically shared her literary preferences, particularly her fondness for the enchanting world of Harry Potter.

When asked about the voices she conjures while reading to her grandchildren, she confessed, “I can’t mimic voices for love or money I’m completely hopeless at it.”

“I was a really bad actor at school and I’ve never been able to master the art of mimicry but my husband does it brilliantly, he can do all the voices,” she revealed.

Camilla’s royal revelation delighted fans, many eager to hear the King bring the characters of Harry Potter to life for themselves.

“Nothing would be more magical than hearing King Charles read Harry Potter!” one fan wrote in response.

“Now I need to hear it from him. Just a small clip.”

“I think we need a campaign to hear The King reading Harry Potter,” commented another.

“Perhaps, the most enjoyable part of these interviews is just how personable Her Majesty truly is.”

“Please please could his Majesty the King do a recording! Maybe for Christmas.”

It seems King Charles’ talents extend beyond the realm of impersonations, as he has a flair for comedy too. This royal revelation came to light during the Prince’s Trust Awards in 2021 when the then Prince of Wales took the stage and treated the audience to a side of him rarely seen – his comedic chops.

During his self-deprecating speech, Charles not only expressed gratitude to those present but also managed to tickle the funny bone of the audience. Recounting a humorous anecdote about a visit to a local department store, he slyly referenced the anticipation surrounding his presence as the heir to the throne at the time.

“I remember there were an enormous number of people who were trying to get in, as they were waiting for me to get out,” he said, People magazine reported. Without missing a beat he added, “Story of my life.”

Camilla’s unexpected glimpse into the royal’s lighthearted side adds a charming layer to their public image, making the Monarch all the more endearing.

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