Trump triumph, royal revelations and wicked weather: Psychic predictions for 2020

Jan 01, 2020
A top psychic has some predictions about Donald Trump, the royal family and weather events in 2020. Source: Getty

The past year has been full of tragedy and triumph across the world from the devastation of bushfires in Australia to the arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan’s first child. And it looks like 2020 will be just as eventful with a leading Aussie psychic predicting a tumultuous year ahead, forecasting sad news for the royal family and a win for Donald Trump at the upcoming election.

You might not be a believer, or perhaps you just choose to avoid having your future ‘read’ out of fear of what you might find out, but according to top Aussie psychic Julie McKenzie it certainly won’t be a quiet 12 months.

Speaking to Starts at 60, Julie says the key word for 2020 is sustainability, with the new year a time to reflect on what’s happened in the past and awaken ourselves to what’s important in life, instead of getting caught up in the little things. However, that doesn’t mean it will just be a time of joy and happiness with some real shocks predicted.

Here are some of Julie’s predictions for 2020.

The royal family 

Last year she was right about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex giving birth to a beautiful baby boy and now Julie says they’ll be another bub on the way for the royal couple in 2020. But this time she predicts it will be a little girl.

“Not long after the birth of the child I believe they will move back and forth between the US and England, obviously still saying that England is their home,” Julie says.

“However, I definitely think that they will eventually settle down somewhere like Switzerland or Sweden to try give their kids a normal life. They will still come back and perform their duties but will have their privacy as well.”

Not only that, Julie believes there will be two other pregnancies in the royal family this year, however, just who else will fall pregnant is yet to be predicted.

Meanwhile, with the joy of new additions to the family Julie says there will also be tragedy with the passing of the Queen and her husband Prince Philip. Julie believes the Queen is already quite ill and will step away from her duties and pass the crown to her son and heir Prince Charles.

However, she predicts that William will take over from his father shortly after, adding that she believes further shocking allegations will be revealed surrounding the Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

“I think it’s going to be revealed that Charles knew something or had seen something, but never spoke up or did anything about it,” Julie claims. “People will start to look at him differently … even though he wasn’t necessarily involved.”

Natural disasters

Australia suffered through horrific natural disasters in 2019 with bushfires ravaging the country over the past couple of months. At some stages there were blazes in Queensland,  South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales all at the same time with firefighters coming all the way from Canada and the USA to help our brave men and women.

Hundreds of Aussies were forced out of their homes and sadly some returned to find their house in rubble. But this year Julie says it looks like Mother Nature will be turning things around with floods set to hit the country, bringing to an end the ongoing drought.

“I think this is a way of Mother Nature balancing it all out,” she says. “It will be replenishing. This is the thing when you have fires, there’s a lot of new life which will come back.”

As usual Julie says there will also be cyclones in parts of the country, but perhaps surprisingly she predicts an earthquake in NSW or Victoria. She says it will be around a magnitude 5 and will do a bit of damage, but nothing like we see overseas.

On the other side of the world, Julie predicts that there will be volcanic activity in Ireland – however, there won’t be an eruption.

Donald Trump

Last year Julie said Donald Trump would remain in power throughout 2019 and here he still stands as president. However, if Julie’s right it will be a bit of an up and down year for Trump with successes and turmoil.

She says while he will win the election it will be a short-lived term with illness or injury set to come his way and an attempt at his life at some point around the election.

“The attempt at Trump’s life may be before the election, after, or maybe even both,” Julie says. “I feel like someone will get caught up in the crossfire of that. I’m not sure if somebody passes from that or they just get shot in the arm.

“However, I don’t think he’ll see out his second term. There will be illness or injury or something that will stop him from doing so. It might be like six months after the election.”

Celebrity illness and death 

Last year the world mourned the loss of many celebrities and high-profile people including Ginger Baker, Anne Phelan and Bob Hawke and tragically in 2020 Julie says some more will be farewelled or at least suffer major illnesses which will cause a lot of distress.

Julie was right about Stevie Wonder falling ill last year with the singer having a kidney transplant just months ago, and this year she says Hilary Clinton will become quite sick.

“I think because she’s been going and going all these years it will all catch up to her,” she says.

Meanwhile, Julie predicts an American author will be involved in a car accident, a famous artist will be shot, a car racer will be killed and a famous singer will overdose.

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