Princess Beatrice’s loving praise of her ‘incredible’ mother, Sarah Ferguson

May 24, 2024
Princess Beatrice has always spoken highly of her mother, particularly about her mother's courageous journey through two cancer diagnoses within a year. Source: Getty Images.

During her visit to a primary school earlier this week, Princess Beatrice took a moment to reflect on her upbringing, delivering a heartfelt tribute to her mother, Sarah Ferguson.

Beatrice described her mother as “incredible”, acknowledging her role as a children’s author and the profound impact of storytelling in shaping her own imagination.

She spoke with gratitude about the special moments spent immersed in stories with her mother and the lasting impression they left on her.

“I grew up with an incredible mum as a children’s author, so stories really created that sense of imagination,” she said during an appearance at the school as part of Oscar’s Book Club.

“I really appreciate what stories can do, that special quality time, that moment at the end of the day, but also how important reading is in general for young people.

“We do everything we can to make sure these books get into the hands of those that need it most.”

Beatrice has always spoken highly of her mother, particularly about her mother’s courageous journey through two cancer diagnoses within a year.

It’s been a challenging journey for Ferguson, who first confronted breast cancer and then, more recently, a malignant melanoma. Yet, despite the hurdles, Beatrice recently expressed how her mother is “coming into her own,” a testament to her strength and determination.

“She’s been through so much but I think, really, now she’s sort of coming into her own,” she recently explained to This Morning.

“I think we’re just reminded, when any parent or individual has sort of a health scenario, just really get the checks that you need to get as early as you possibly can.

“I think, you know, both my sister and I are so proud of her for taking those steps to get those checks and [we’ve] sort of really modelled our health considerations on that.

“We’re really lucky in the UK to make sure that you can get those checks as best you can and hopefully we can do as much as we [can] to support each other when anyone goes through a health scare.

“Nothing’s more important than family.”

Ferguson shared news of her skin cancer diagnosis earlier this year in an emotional Instagram post.

In her post, she stressed the significance of vigilance in monitoring one’s health and urged others to remain diligent in recognising potential warning signs.

“I have been taking some time to myself as I have been diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a form of skin cancer, my second cancer diagnosis within a year after I was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer and underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. It was thanks to the great vigilance of my dermatologist that the melanoma was detected when it was,” she wrote.

“Naturally another cancer diagnosis has been a shock but I’m in good spirits and grateful for the many messages of love and support.

“I believe my experience underlines the importance of checking the size, shape, colour and texture and emergence of new moles that can be a sign of melanoma and urge anyone who is reading this to be diligent.

“I am incredibly thankful to the medical teams that have supported me through both of these experiences with cancer and to the MAYRLIFE Clinic for taking gentle care of me in the past weeks, allowing me time for recuperation. I am resting with family at home now, feeling blessed to have their love and support.”

During a recent appearance on Sunrise, Ferguson shared the wonderful news that she had been given the all-clear by her doctors and that the cancer had not spread.

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