Princess Anne’s son praises her ‘remarkable’ work ethic and affection for ‘home time’

Princess Anne's son has heaped praise on his hardworking mum. Source: Getty Images.

Peter Phillips, the son of Princess Anne, has offered a rare insight into his mother’s admirable work ethic, while admitting that she also enjoys her “home time”.

Speaking recently to Sky News Australia, Phillips highlighted the Princess Royal’s love for downtime at home while commended her for her rock-solid commitment to her royal duties despite her age.

“Her mindset is, ‘listen I can go in do what we need to do and come back’,” he told the Sky News Australia host.

“She really values her home time and values her time with Tim and the family and the dogs and the horses and that’s a really important part of the structure of her week.

“To be able to actually relax and just get to some form of normality.”

Royal enthusiasts were quick to praise Phillips, whose comments showed his strong family values and the close bond he enjoys with his mother.

“I thought it was a lovely interview and you could tell the love he has for his family, especially his mother and late grandparents. I love it when they do these interviews with the “minor royals” bc I feel like you get a more real glimpse since they don’t have as much pressure,” one wrote.

“You wouldn’t expect anything less his grandparents & parents instilled great values in him.”

“Lovely to see the family rallying around her. The people who know her best adore her,” commented another.

Phillips (46) is the managing director for SEL UK, a sports management company. In his interview, Phillips wasted no time explaining why Princess Anne was the most hardworking royal in 2023.

“She’s still doing trips overseas and turning them around in 24 hours – which is pretty hard on most people, doesn’t matter what age, but when you’re in your 70s and doing that,” he said.

“She’s always just kept her head down and she’s kept supporting the organisations that she wants to support.

“They may not be the the most interesting, the most, you know, on topic as it were – but for her that doesn’t matter.

“She’s there to support them and grow the organisations and help them develop.

“She’s never been one that really worries about how many column lines she gets.”

Last year, Princess Anne received considerable praise from around the world when it was revealed she was Britain’s hardest-working royal. She carried out 457 royal engagements at the time, 32 more than her brother King Charles III. 

This year however, concern has started to grow that having to shoulder the burden of royal responsibilities, especially in the wake of both Charles and Princess Catherine’s cancer diagnoses, was beginning to take its toll on the Princess.

However, if Phillips’ comments are anything to go by, the Princess Royal’s commitment to her duties is unwavering as she continues to steadfastly serve her country, especially in a time of need when other members of the family have become indisposed.




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